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Laugh it up! The 30 best April Fools’ Day tech jokes of 2016

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Hold on to your sides everyone, it’s April Fools Day! That means a day of jocular japes is upon us, full of laugh-out-loud moments, gut-busting guffaws, cheeky chuckles, and hernia-causing hilarity. The trauma we feel when it’s all over makes us wish life was this amusing every single day, and not a paltry once a year.

Sit down, make sure your surgical corset is tightly secured in case of any unexpected side-splittage, put that coffee aside (because you don’t want to spit it all over your keyboard, right?) and enjoy our pick of 2016’s April Fools’ day pranks, jokes, and wicked wheezes.

Mark Zuckerberg x H&M

Facebook founder and fashion icon Mark Zuckerberg has teamed up with fashion retailer H&M to produce an exclusive collection, Mark for H&M. It’s glorious, and consists of seven basic grey t-shirts, and a basic pair of jeans. “One less thing to think about in the morning,” is the tagline. We can actually see this going on sale.

Pornhub becomes Cornhub

Cornhub Page
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The front page over at that popular online video site that caters for more adult tastes, has become Cornhub. Videos have been given amusing corn-related, innuendo-laden titles. It’ll make you titter.


Modstock: Artisanal Photography

Hipsters are featuring in a lot of April Fools videos this year, and here’s one of the best. This is what a stock photo site would be like if hipsters ran the show, making photos of ‘real life.’

Google Chrome Chromebook

Chrome Chromebook
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Think your Galaxy S7 attracts fingerprints? Wait until you get your fingers all over this beauty! Except, you won’t, because it’s not real. And we’re a bit sad about it.

The Wooden Yoga Mat

Wooden Yoga Mat by Carved

The video to this is so subtle, and the actors so sincere, the Carved Wooden Yoga Mat really could be a real product. It’s also daft enough to be, thanks to the window for your smartphone. But think about it, just how unforgiving would a wooden yoga mat be?

Google Cardboard Plastic

Google Cardboard Plastic

Yes, obvious joke is obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s not highly amusing. Google Cardboard Plastic is the most up-to-date way for us to experience real reality, in all its glory.

YouTube SnoopaVision

Experience YouTube in #SnoopaVision

“Now you’ll see the world how I do, in 360-degrees,” says Snoop Dogg, and it’s all thanks to his tireless work with YouTube. It’s not just the video you see above either, look out for the SnoopaVision button on several 360-degree videos, like these.

Honda emoji licence plates

Honda Emoji Licence Plate
Image used with permission by copyright holder

According to research conducted by Honda in the U.K., 97 percent of under 30s admit emoji faces are “their main method of expressing an emotion or idea in texts and instant messages.” It’s only sensible for Honda to introduce emoji license plates, which will be exclusively launched in 2017. Or not.

Mini Hipster Hatch

Probably our favorite car-related April Fool yet. The Mini Hipster Hatch has windows with Instagram filters built-in, a twin-cassette deck, and a fixed-gear transmission. The interior comes in stonewash denim, and those three-spoke alloys are a real throwback to car tuning of the 1990s in the U.K. The press release comes from Hoxton in London, where a car like this would fit right in, and already does in standard form. Check out the full release here; it’s a gem.

BBC Video Store

Introducing BBC Store Video

Continuing with the hipster-mocking trend, the BBC has decided that with every purchase from its online media store, you’ll receive a VHS video cassette to accompany it. Watch right to the end for some “effects” that will be very familiar to those who remember watching aging video tapes.

Google’s Self-Driving Bicycle

Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

Introduced by Google Netherlands, the self-driving bike stays upright, helps avoid crashes, and even has its own app so you can call it to your location.

Mini Scissor Doors

Mini Scissor Doors
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Mini will (or won’t) offer scissor doors on its 3-door Mini, the Paceman, and the convertible model, to make squeezing into the car easier in tight parking spaces, complete with an emergency system called Pyrotechnic Emergency Exit. Yes, that’s PEE for short. Take a look at all the details here, and rejoice that we will (or won’t) see this as an option on the 6-door Mini Clubman in 2017.

Lexus V-LCRO

Connecting Man and Machine: Lexus V-LCRO Technology

That’s Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation, and the latest innovation from Lexus, which holds the driver of its RC F and GS F cars tightly in position when cornering hard. Sure, there are a few compromises, but then, isn’t there always with the best new inventions?

OnePlus #GetSandstoned

#GetSandstoned | We’re sandstoning everything

This gag builds on smartphone brand OnePlus’s trademark sandstone textured rear covers, seen on the OnePlus and OnePlus 2 devices. The GetSandstoned process adds the same material to four of the slipperiest things known to man — cups, soap, shoes, and the iPhone 6S. The video’s a good one, so make sure to watch.

OpenTable Taste

Introducing OpenTable Taste - Lickable Photos

Photos so good you want to taste them? That’s OpenTable’s theory, so it has made lickable, tastable photos a reality on your smartphone. It’s not gross at all.

Android Developers and The Guardian

Android Developer Story: The Guardian goes galactic with Android and Google Play

The Guardian newspaper has teamed up with the Android team to make it easier for those in space to browse and read its content. While obviously a joke, the part about the gloves actually makes sense! I may have seen too many April Fools’ videos…

Pringles Single Serve

“You’ll always reach the bottom of the can.” Perfect for those on a diet, or for those who just can’t stop once they’ve opened a regular Pringles can.

T-Mobile Binge On Up

T-Mobile | #BingeOnUp Announcement | TV Commercial

This is a fun joke that manages to poke fun at T-Mobile itself, from the magenta color scheme, some swearing, and the obligatory silly hashtag. The Binge On Up is a head-mounted arm for your smartphone, which also includes a “real reality” mode.

HubSpot’s PETprogram

Introducing HubSpot’s New #PETprogram

Adding animals to everyday situations is a tried and tested April Fools joke formula, but HubSpot keeps it fresh and funny with this great video. Check out the list of accepted pets at the end, which includes Honey Badgers! The accompanying blog post’s a good one as well.

Solopress PheroCard

Introducing PheroCard™ by Solopress

Blend evocative pheromones into your next business card, so you’ll always make the best first impression. Solopress offers a variety of choices, from sports star to entrepreneur, ready to be infused into its new PheroCard. Don’t miss the various American Psycho references in the video.

Samsung’s Internet of Trousers

Samsung Internet of Trousers
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Samsung’s IoT dream isn’t about Things, it’s about Trousers. Smart trousers that incorporate the ARTIK Smarter Fashion chip, sync up with the Samsung Fabric Care app, tell you when your fly is down, notify you if you’ve sat on your butt too long, and even lock the refrigerator door if your getting too fat and ate enough already.

Esurance Election Insurance

Election Insurance

Concerned about who will win the forthcoming Presidential election? Considering moving to Canada should the worst happen? Esurance understands, and wants to protect your house in the event you abandon it. This one’s worth it for the moments between about 38 seconds and 46 seconds. Made us laugh.

Dalmatian Kittens

Battersea Dalmatian Kittens
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in the U.K. received this unusual delivery — black and white spotted kittens! Initially named Snap, Crackle, and Pop, they’re baffled as to the breed. Any ideas?

Moshi SpatiaFlight

SpatiaFlight - Elevate Your Sound

Earphones aren’t cool anymore. What you want is continuous music that follows you everywhere, and in a way that everyone around you can also hear it. It’s the soundtrack to your life, Moshi-style. The SpatiaFlight is a software update to the Moshi Spatia, unlocking flight mode for speeds up to 30mph, and a battery life of four hours.

Virgin America’s new logo

Introducing Our New Virgin America Logo

Virgin’s ditched the familiar hand-written logo, and gone for something a little more controversial. The video above is just the start, as there is a lot more detail on the process in this blog post.

Sony Proton Pack

Sony develops the world’s first ghost catching device - The Proton Pack™

This one had a lot of potential, which although hasn’t quite been realized, is still worth checking out, particularly if you’re a Ghostbusters fan. Promoting the upcoming movie reboot, Sony has developed the world’s first ghost-catching device. The website is fun too, saying the pack has the same Stamina mode as Xperia smartphones, and that it’ll wirelessly connect to other Sony products for entity sharing purposes.

Wonder Paw

WonderPaw - World’s First App That Teaches Dogs To Code

Dogs are lazy, so Wonder Work has a plan to put them to work. It’s not giving them a choice of career though, these dogs have to code. Come on, watch this one. It has got cute dogs in it!


Burrit Oh App
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Online dating can be a difficult, arduous process, but what better way to pick your life-partner by matching up burrito preferences. By matching singles based on the 32 possible ingredients in a burrito order, Burrit-OH! wants to help you find love. Burrito love. What’s more, it’s actually real, and you can sign up here.

Adobe Ansel-o-Matic

Lightroom Coffee Break: Make Any Photo Look Like an Ansel Adams Masterpiece

Adobe’s Lightroom videos are always informative, but this one reveals a very unusual feature few will have known even existed. We’re almost sad Adobe has revealed the secret to creating amazingly beautiful pictures. Turns out it’s shockingly easy too.

Vocal Tuner x Piano Tiles 2

Vocal Tuner × Piano Tiles 2

Wow, Cheetah Mobile really went all out with this one. This 7-minute opus is an elaborate pastiche of talent shows, wearable tech, and the development of questionable supposedly life-enhancing products. It’s worth your time.

Goodsmile Nendrone


Collectible figure company Good Smile has mixed the cuteness of a Nendoroid Hatsune Miku with the tech awesomeness of a drone, to come up with the Nendrone. Not only does it self-deliver itself after order, but all future Good Smile orders will be delivered by Nendrones.

Waterpik Shower Belt

Waterpik® Shower Belt

Apparently the product of much engineering, and considerable “R- and-D-ing,” the Shower Belt is here, and it’s a cross between a workman’s toolbelt, and a weird safety system for those who find standing in the shower an arduous task. It’s rather strange, but the guy with the awesome facial hair makes the video worth it.

Kef Hydro Blaster

KEF Hydro Blaster

There’s a reason many companies hire comedians, or aspiring (read: cheap) actors at the very least, to perform their April Fools’ Day joke videos. It’s because otherwise they turn out like this. Still, the product’s pretty amusing.

Did you get through all those? If so, be sure to check out our FULL REVIEW of the 1999 IBM ThinkPad 770E Laptop.

Updated on 04-01-2016 by Andy Boxall: Added in Google’s Chrome Chromebook, Cornhub, the Wooden Yoga Mat, and ModStock jokes.

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