The best iPad cases and covers for the new iPad (2017)

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OtterBox Defender Series Case ($29)

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Trusty three-layer protection ensures that your iPad Air 2 can take a tumble or a knock and keep right on going. This is a fairly chunky case, but it provides all round protection, with a built-in screen protector and port covers. You might struggle with some cables, but there are accurate openings for the Touch ID, camera, and the Apple logo on the back. You also get a shield layer that clips over the front when you’re not using the iPad, and it doubles as a stand, so you can prop your iPad Air 2 at a comfortable angle for watching movies or typing.

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Incipio ClamCase + ($130)

Acquired by Incipio in 2015, ClamCase has been making premium keyboard cases for the iPad for years now. The ClamCase + converts your iPad into a laptop, combining an aluminum keyboard with backlit island keys, and a polycarbonate cover that protects the tablet. The hinge rotates through 360 degrees, so you can actually fold the iPad back and the keys are automatically turned off. You can also use this case as a stand to prop the iPad at any angle you desire. The keyboard pairs easily via Bluetooth, and it’s roomy and comfortable to type on, with some handy special function keys for things like media controls and Siri. There’s a standard Micro USB port for recharging, but you can expect around a month of use before you need to plug it in. It’s heavy at around 660g, and the back-lit keys really eat into the battery life when turned on, but it’s the perfect choice if you want a decent keyboard and solid protection for your iPad Air 2.

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Booqpad Case ($60)


Versatility is the major draw for this folio case. You’ve got a standard polycarbonate shell that attaches to a folio cover using magnets, so it can be attached and detached quickly and easily. The folio cover acts as a multi-position stand and it even comes with a pad of paper. The exterior is polyurethane with a textured finish and the inner lining is nubuck. In addition to the notebook, there are slots for cards. This case also comes with a screen protector.

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Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case ($50)

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case

This keyboard case is perfect for typists who prefer physical keys to a touchscreen. It’s a lightweight aluminum design and it’s fairly slim, although the well-spaced keys do have a bit of depth for a good, responsive feel. The wonder of magnetism holds your iPad Air 2 in a choice of three positions, and it turns itself off automatically to preserve power. No frivolous colors for Belkin, this case comes in a serious choice of black or white.

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Update: Amended items to reflect current availability, and added Olixar, Vaja, and Moshi cases for the iPad (2017).

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