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Best iPad Pro 11-inch screen protectors

The iPad Pro 11-inch (2021) is a truly powerful tablet, yet its most recognizable feature is its gorgeous edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display. With a resolution of 1668 x 2388 pixels and support for HDR10, Dolby Vision, and a 120Hz refresh rate, it really does look the business. However, even if the display is sturdy enough as far as glass goes, you’ll almost certainly need a good screen protector if you want to protect it from serious falls and impacts.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best iPad Pro 11-inch (2021) screen protectors available to buy right now. These run the gamut from lightweight screen covers to reinforced tempered glass, and they cover premium and high-value options alike.

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InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

Here’s where the action is if you want some of the strongest possible protection for your iPad Pro’s display. Its glass has been reinforced with InvisibleShield’s proprietary “Ion Matrix” technology, with InvisibleShield claiming it provides your iPad Pro with three times the protection against shattering than it would have without a protector. It also boasts an impressive 100% clarity, so it will retain the full brightness and vibrancy of the iPad’s screen. At the same time, it will protect your eyes from blue light, which can strain them and potentially impact the quality of your sleep. It comes with EZ Apply tabs to make installation more straightforward.

ESR Screen Protector

ESR Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

This screen protector from ESR has been laser cut with precision to ensure a perfect fit with the iPad Pro 11-inch (2021). It’s made of tempered glass, giving it durability and toughness that will ward off screen damage from drops and knocks. It’s also highly transparent and slim, meaning that you’ll be able to continue enjoying the full luster of the iPad’s display, while also using the Apple Pencil (if you have one) as seamlessly as before. There are snug cutouts for the selfie camera and Face ID, and the pack also includes an installation frame and cleaning kit, so fitting the protector should be as easy as possible.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

Spigen makes some pretty great cases, and it also happens to make some darn good screen protectors. This is borne out by its iPad Pro 11-inch (2021) screen protector, which consists of tempered glass with the highest possible 9H hardness rating. In other words, you can scrape it with your keys and possibly eat your dinner off of it without leaving any discernible scratch. The protector has also been treated with a nice oleophobic coating, so it will repel fingerprint smudges and other greasy stains. Lastly, the protector has been designed to be highly touch-responsive, so you won’t notice any degradation in performance. It comes with a very helpful auto-alignment tool for installation.

Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

Olixar’s offering is a great all-around screen protector for the iPad Pro 11-inch. As with most of the best protectors, its tempered glass carries the all-important 9H hardness rating, so it will withstand run-ins with household metal objects and similarly hard items. It has also been reinforced by the use of an underlying anti-shatter film, which will prevent it from breaking into pieces in the event of a really bad fall from a significant height. At only 0.33mm, the protector is razor-thin, boasting a 95% light-penetration ratio that should mean you’ll barely notice it’s even there. One other nice feature is that it boasts 2.5D rounded edges, which makes handling and using it more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill protector.

PanzerGlass Privacy Glass Screen Protector

PanzerGlass Privacy Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

It may be a tad pricey compared to other models, but this number from PanzerGlass really is one of the most formidable screen protectors you can find for the iPad Pro right now. It consists of chemically reinforced glass (with a 9H hardness rating) that provides an extra level of resistance compared to other protectors, guarding your tablet from the vast majority of impacts, knocks, and scratches. Combined with the anti-shatter film, it also won’t break into fragments should you throw it out of your apartment window for some reason. One feature you won’t find with most other protectors is that it becomes opaque to anyone looking at your iPad from an angle or off to your side, so it’s perfect for commuters who need to log into accounts while on the move. If that weren’t enough, its oleophobic coating will stop your fingers from leaving prints all over your device’s shiny screen. All of these features might make you think the protector is uncommonly hefty, yet it has a thickness of only 0.4mm, so it’s barely noticeable and will maintain the original sensitivity of the iPad’s screen.

Supershieldz Screen Protector

Supershieldz Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

If you want substantial defenses for your iPad but also don’t want to spend too much cash, Supershieldz’s protector should be just the ticket. It’s made from Japanese PET film, which is rugged enough to guard against everyday scratches and damage but also provides a level of transparency and sensitivity you simply can’t get from glass alternatives. The film has been designed to be anti-glare, so it won’t reflect excess light into your eyes, and it repels fingerprints. It’s sold in a pack of three, for extra value.

JETech 2-Pack Screen Protector

JETech 2-Pack Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

This is a no-nonsense screen protector for the iPad Pro that covers all of the important bases at a very reasonable price. It’s made of tempered glass, with its 9H hardness rating indicating that it can take abuse from metal objects with the best of them. With a thickness of only 0.33mm, it’s also highly transparent and sensitive, so it won’t get in the way of you doing all the things you’d normally do with your iPad. It’s sold in a pack of two, and it comes with a helpful installation kit that will make fitting it as easy as possible.

Pulen for iPad Pro 11-inch 2021 Screen Protector

Pulen for iPad Pro 11-inch 2021 Screen Protector

Pulen’s iPad Pro 11-inch screen protector is another great example of how you can have toughness without spending a packet. Its tempered glass has a 9H hardness rating and has been processed to resist scratches from hard, metal objects, as well as drops and knocks. It has been treated to a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, so it will repel water and also reduce fingerprint smudges. On top of this, it’s only 0.33mm thick, so it will be one of the most responsive and transparent protectors you’re likely to find for the iPad Pro, with Pulen claiming a whopping 99% transparency.

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