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The 10 best iPhone 6 extended battery cases to keep the power flowing

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case
It’s always frustrating when your iPhone runs out of juice and there’s no charger or outlet nearby. If you find your iPhone 6 simply isn’t keeping up with you, why not consider snagging yourself one of the best battery cases on the market? We’ve got a range of different options for you to consider right here.

Battery cases and more

Incipio Ghost Qi Wireless Charging Battery Case ($100)


Our top pick is the Incipio Ghost. The smart thing about this case is that it supports Qi wireless charging. That means you can place it on any Qi wireless charging pad and the case will charge up – no plugging in required. It also supports Incipio’s offGrid dock, which is another wireless charging solution, and you can use a standard micro USB cable, which is included, along with a headphone extender. You can almost double your iPhone 6 battery life, thanks to the high capacity 2,100mAh battery. It looks good, and has a slim, one-piece design with a brushed aluminum finish on the back. There’s a circular, silver power button that will light up the four white LEDs to give you an idea of remaining power. If you’ve been looking for a battery case and like the idea of wireless charging – this is the one for you.

Lenmar Maven Undead Power Battery Case ($90)


This slim and stylish battery case is a two-piece affair, which makes it easy to slide your iPhone 6 into place. It has a 3,000mAh battery inside which should fully charge the iPhone and still have a little left over in reserve. There are generous cut-outs for the camera and controls, a lip to protect the screen, and a port to redirect speaker audio to the front. The case has a soft touch, matte black finish, making it very comfortable to hold. If you want something brighter, it also comes in get blue, red, or silver versions. The only real detail on the minimalist body is the rear-mounted power button, which includes an LED to show remaining power. It’s fast to charge up thanks to a 2A input, and there is a microUSB cable and a headphone extender in the box. A desirable case.

Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case ($40)


Anker is a popular brand for portable batteries, so we’re not surprised to find that the iPhone 6 battery case it offers is good. It’s not the most stylish or full-featured offering, but where this case really stands out is the low price, and its capacity. The large 2,850mAh capacity more than doubles your iPhone’s battery life, and there are four LEDs on the back to indicate the internal battery’s remaining power. It’s not a problem to fit or remove the case, due to its two-piece design, plus it’s slim — a rarity in the world of extended battery cases. The matte finish is plain, but it does have a pleasing soft touch feel. Inside the box is a headphone extender and a short micro USB cable. 

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case ($80)


This Tylt power case has a 3,200mAh battery inside, which is going to offer a good bit more than double your usual iPhone 6 battery life. The unique selling point here is the two piece design – there’s a thin shell for your iPhone 6, like a minimalist case, and it slides into the “Power Sleeve”. That means you can discard the battery portion when it’s out of charge and still have some protection for your phone. The four LED array on the back indicates remaining power. The downside with this case is that it is big and bulky with the Power Sleeve on. It also doesn’t ship with a headphone extender, but you’re going to need one. There is a micro USB cable included.

Mophie Juice Pack Ultra Case ($150)


There are a few reasons to look carefully at the Mophie Juice Pack Ultra. This battery case has a large capacity of 3,950mAh, so you’re looking at 150% extra life for your iPhone 6. It’s relatively slim considering the size of that battery, and it’s also protective, so you won’t have to worry about bumps and falls. You’ll find four LEDs on the back to show remaining power, but there’s also a switch so you can decide when to charge and when to save juice for later. Like most of the cases here, you can charge and sync your iPhone with the case on. It comes with a headphone extender and a micro USB cable.

Unu DX Charging Case ($70)


The Uno DX has a big, 3,000mAh battery, so you can add around 125% extra life to your iPhone 6 once its own battery has expired. It’s another two-piece sliding design which makes it easy to fit, plus there’s a power button and a three color LED array on the back, so you know how much juice is left. In addition to a handy headphone extender and micro USB cable in the box, Uno also supplies a screen protector. It’s a bit bulky and plain-looking, but it delivers plenty of extra juice and it will do a solid job of protecting your phone from damage.

Armor for your phone

Boostcase Detachable Power Case ($100)


Everybody wants extra battery life, but there’s no way to get it without adding considerable bulk, and when your battery case drains you’re left with a lump of dead weight. Boostcase has a solution. There’s a slim protective shell with accurately cut openings for all the phone’s controls, which provides a safeguard against scratches and knocks. The clever part is you can slide it into a larger enclosure that houses a 2,700mAh battery. That’s going to roughly double your iPhone 6 battery life. There’s a simple toggle switch to turn it on and off and an LED strip along the bottom to display remaining power, ant it also features redirect ports for the speaker. It comes in matte black or gold, gloss pink, green, and orchid, and there’s a cool clear version that shows off the inner workings.

Bestek Battery Case ($43)


You can effectively double your iPhone 6 battery life with this case from Bestek. Handily, the bumper detaches so you can slide your phone into the lightning connector, and there’s a power button so you don’t waste stored energy for no reason. The interior has a gentle lining to avoid scratching the body of the phone, and there’s a soft-touch coating on the outside so it’s pleasant to hold. Meanwhile, precise cut-outs and button covers provide full access to the phone, and there’s a Micro USB port at the bottom for charging. It’s fairly slim and light considering it’s packing a 3,100mAh battery. Since the case blocks the normal audio jack, there’s an extended cable included. There’s also a nifty redirect for the speaker to push the audio out the front.

BuQu Power Armor Case ($72)


This case sports a slightly odd design. It is quite bulky, but it leaves the iPhone 6 controls exposed rather than using button covers. Some people may prefer this, though drop protection is questionable. The clever part is the sliding lightning connector at the bottom which makes it easy to fit and then lock the phone in place. The battery is rated at 2,800mAh and you can expect at least a full charge from it. There’s a power button and four LEDs on the back that show you how much juice is left. It charges via microUSB and there’s an extender cable so you can use the iPhone 6 headphone port.

Trianum Atomic S Battery Case ($60)


The protective design on this extended battery case is a little different from the rest, with a hard shell back and a bumper round the frame. The bumper comes in a variety of different colors, while the main body is in white or black, so if you want a splash of color it could be the one for you. It’s worth noting it has an extra large cut-out for the camera, so there’s no worry about flash splash back, which is often a problem with oversize cases. The 3,100mAh battery inside is more than enough to recharge an iPhone 6 at least once. Despite all this, it bucks no trends with four LEDs and a power button on the back. There’s also a headphone extender and micro USB cable in the box.

That’s all of the iPhone 6 battery cases we have for now, but we’ll add new entries as we discover them. If you have a favorite you want to recommend, please hit the comments.

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