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The best iPhone XS Max cases and covers

The iPhone XS Max is a statement piece of tech, so you might be reluctant to cover it up with a case. However, it’s also a big financial investment that you want to protect. A shattered screen can ruin your aesthetics pretty quickly.

Finding a case or cover that matches durability with a healthy dose of style can be tough. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite options to protect your iPhone XS and keep it looking good.

Vaja Grip GT Leather Case

The iPhone XS Max has no shortage of style, but if you’re an adventurous sort who loves speed and style in equal measure, you may want something a little more dynamic. Vaja’s Grip GT is the case for the sports car lover, with an unmistakable style and presence. It’s made from premium Argentine leather that’s soft to the touch while also being durable and protective. While it won’t surpass a bigger (and uglier) rugged case in protection, it’s still equal to most tasks, and will guard against scratches and minor bumps. It’s absolutely, utterly gorgeous, and while it’s certainly not cheap, it’s a great choice if you won’t compromise on style.

Mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Case

There’s a hefty battery stuffed into the iPhone XS Max, but there could always be more. Mophie’s Juice Pack Air is one of the best battery cases out there, so if you’re going on a long trip, or often find yourself away from chargers, this is a great choice. It adds another 1,720mAh of battery to your phone, which Mophie claims is enough to extend another day’s worth of use. While it adds extra bulk to your phone, it’s relatively slim compared to other battery cases. The hard outer shell provides decent protection, with raised corners that protect the screen from scratches and dirt. It also works with wireless charging, so you can charge your phone and battery pack at the same time. While it’s expensive, it’s worth it if you need the extra battery life.

$60 from Mophie

Ringke Wave Case

There are only so many ways to make cases look unique, but Ringke always seems to hit on a new one. The Wave case is certain a unique-looker, with a 3D texture that raises up in waves — hence the name. That raised texture means it’s easier to keep a hold of your phone, and the dual layer construction uses TPU and hard polycarbonate together to ensure solid protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. There’s a raised bezel to keep your phone from resting on surfaces, and there’s even a lanyard attachment point. The unique look can be a downside of course, and it’s not going to be for everyone — but if the two-tone waves call to you, this is a great choice.

Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

The Otterbox Symmetry case is made from TPU and polycarbonate, so was already pretty protective. However, there’s one easy way to improve it hugely — chuck a Popsocket on there. The Otter + Pop Symmetry case is the tough case you need if you love hard-wearing protection and the extra grip afforded by Popsockets. The Popsocket PopTop can be swapped out for other designs and stays flush with the case when not needed — so you don’t need to have the PopTop sticking out all the time. You can do everything you’d normally do with your Popsocket, except now you have Otterbox’s amazing protection thrown into the mix. You’ll pay a pretty penny for this case though, which is definitely a downside.

$65 from Amazon

Skech Stark Minimal Protective Case

Do you know the reason why so many cases have reinforced corners and airbags? It’s because corners are the part of a phone that’ll hit the ground first in a fall, and reinforcing those areas against impact damage is the best route to take when guarding against drops. This case from Skech maximises on drop-protection, but does so in a way that doesn’t cramp your phone’s style. The top, back, and corners of the device are covered with transparent and impact-absorbant TPU, while the sides are left exposed so you can still feel the cool metal of your iPhone. These exposed sides are nice if you want to pretend you aren’t using a case, but it’s important to note it’s less than complete protection and leaves the sides open to scratches and other damage. If that doesn’t bother you, then this is an excellent case.

Snakehive Vintage Plum Wallet Case

Wallet cases are the best option if you want to add an element of chic, executive style to your phone. Each Snakehive case is handmade from quality European nubuck leather that will age over time and develop a unique patina. A front cover offers all-over protection that lays across the screen when not in use, but can also fold into a horizontal stand if required. A plastic holder on the inside holds your phone snugly in place, while a layer of soft leather on the inside protects it from scratches. The front cover also contains three card slots for keeping spare cash or cards, so you can quickly stash away travel cards or spare cash. Snug and chic, this is an excellent choice.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

This case from Mujjo is an excellent example of a luxurious, sumptuous leather case. It’s made from a soft and beautiful leather that will develop a unique patina as it ages, and it also uses an inner layer of microfiber that pads your phone and protects it from scratches. It doesn’t have a folding folio-style cover, but it’s still a wallet case, thanks to the leather card pocket on the back that will comfortably accommodate up to three cards or some spare cash. It’s super-slim, comes with a raised bezel that protects your screen, and has leather button covers for complete protection. It’s certainly expensive, but if you want some great protection with a beautiful style, it’s right here.

Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series

The Incipio Carnaby Esquire is certainly an eye-catcher, with a distinctive layer of fabric laid over a tough TPU core. The fabric lends a more casual feel then you get with most cases, and its tight material provides good grip for your fingers. The TPU core beneath is no less important though, and adds shock-resistance, as well as adding more grip to the sides. It’s drop-proofed up to 6 feet, which is no mean feat, and there are raised edges to protect your phone from being laid down on dirty surfaces. It’s slim and stylish, and while it won’t be as protective as other, larger cases, it’s still very protective, and there’s no doubt in our mind the textiled look is worth it.

Peel Super Thin Case

The new iPhone XS Max is a beautiful blend of glass and stainless steel, and we don’t blame you if you’re hesitant to cover it up. But even a little bit of protection can go a long way — and that’s where Peel’s super-thin cases come in. It’s exceptionally thin at just 0.35mm, and come in a variety of branding-free, minimalist colors. The clear option is completely transparent and thin enough that you’ll forget your phone is even wearing a case. Being so thin, Peel’s case is not going to be as resistant to damage as larger cases, and you’ll likely find it’s only damage-proof against more minor bumps and scratches, rather than significant drops. But if it’s between this or going naked, Peel is a great choice.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen is well-known for providing great smartphone protection, and the Ultra Hybrid case is no different. It’s a hybrid of materials — hence the name — combining an absorbent TPU bumper with a hard and clear polycarbonate back panel to provide great protection against a variety of threats. The soft TPU provides an extra grippy surface for your fingers, while the transparent back panel gives a clear view of your phone — allowing you to show it off while also keeping it protected. Each corner is equipped with an air cushion for extra protection against drops, and it has been treated to prevent yellowing over time. It’s a simple but effective option.

Hitcase Splash

The iPhone XS Max has a water-resistance rating of IP68, which should mean it’s capable of being immersed in water for up to an hour — but if you’re heading into a watery environment and you want to be sure your expensive phone will be fine, consider grabbing a waterproof case. The Hitcase Splash is on the expensive side for a protective case, but this fully enclosed case comes with an IP68 rating to keep mud and water away from your device, while a combination of TPU and polycarbonate protects against drops and bumps. It’s fairly bulky, as this sort of protection often is — but there’s a clear window to your iPhone, and it’s not a bad looker for what it is. But boy, is it expensive. On the plus side, it’s also compatible with Hitcase’s range of camera lenses, giving you a range of options to capture your adventures, and creating a great utility case.

UAG Trooper Series

Sometimes protection just isn’t enough, and you want your phone case to do more than just shelter your super-powerful pocket computer. Enter UAG’s Trooper Series. As befits UAG’s great pedigree, the Trooper case is super protective, with an impact-resistant core and tough rugged outside that safeguards your phone from damage. But unclip the back and you’ll also find room to store some spare cash or credit cards for use on the go. This makes UAG’s Trooper series perfect for anyone who needs to travel light with their phone or just likes to carry extra cash in case of emergencies. It has a rugged look that’s not for everyone, but it’s otherwise a good utility option.

Nomad Rugged Case

Nothing screams “style” quite like leather, and if you’re wanting to wrap your iPhone XS Max in some serious style, then check out Nomad’s rugged case. It’s made from a variety of materials, but it starts with a tough polycarbonate shell that clips onto your iPhone and holds it tight. A TPU bumper is then bonded onto the edges of the polycarbonate, adding extra impact resistance. Finally, the case is wrapped in high-quality Horween leather that ages over time to create a truly unique case. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking to make a statement with your choice of protection, then Nomad’s rugged case provides just that, as well as good protection.

Speck Candyshell Grip

Speck cases are extremely distinctive — and the Candyshell Grip exemplifies that more than any other of its products. The Candyshell Grip’s eye-catching look comes from the use of a dual-layer construction that combines TPU and polycarbonate to create a case that Speck claims disperses shock extremely well. The stylish, raised ridges on the back of the case also add grip, while a raised bezel means the phone’s display stays elevated from surfaces. It’s been tested to meet military standards for drop testing, and it should keep your iPhone XS Max well-protected against drops, scratches, and bumps.

Ted Baker Shannon Mirror Folio Case

One of the more stylish options on this list comes from famed British luxury clothing retailer Ted Baker. It’s a beautiful luxury wallet case made from vegan leather with a gold-colored hard polycarbonate inner shell to hold your phone in place. The leather cover folds around the screen when not in use, protecting your display, and it magnetically holds the cover behind the case when in use. The real selling point here, though, is the deluxe mirror laid into the cover’s inner fold that ensures you’re always looking your best when you’re out and about with your phone. It’s certainly on the expensive side, but it’s a beautiful case with a style you’ll remember.

Catalyst Impact Protection

Here’s another tough case with a ton of added utility. Catalyst’s Impact Protection case brings all the features you’d expect from a tough case, including drop resistance of up to 3 meters, a flexible TPU bumper, and a clear polycarbonate back panel. It also has a raised bezel to protect the screen, as well as a full seal for the back camera that helps to keep out dust and debris. There’s an attachment for a lanyard, so you can ensure you won’t be carelessly dropping your case, and there’s even a revolving switch for the iPhone’s mute switch. It’s also fairly slim, with a subtle but rugged style. The downsides? It’s expensive for what it is.

Noreve Tradition D Wallet Case

Leather wallet cases can be beautiful things, and they don’t get much more beautiful than Noreve’s highly customizable collection of wallet cases. No matter which case you pick, you’ll get Noreve’s usual high-quality materials and workmanship. But it’s the level of choice that’s the truly special element here. Buyers get to choose between 20 different types of leather, from the vegan-friendly PU leather to the luxuriously aged Patine leather. You’ll get the choice of a range of colors and the ability to add a belt clip. Noreve also recently added the ability to choose from a selection of paintings to add to your case. If you want a very particular style of case, then Noreve is perfect. But be aware that those choices can add up, making your chosen case exceedingly expensive.

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