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The best Kindle Oasis cases and covers

If you’ve bought a Kindle Oasis, we congratulate you on snagging the best e-book reader around. It has a bright, sharp screen that’s always legible, and the stylish metal body is comfortable to hold — but you’ll need to take care of it if you expect it to stay in tip-top condition. The Kindle Oasis is one of the few e-book readers with IPX8 water resistance, so you don’t need to worry about spills or even dips in the pool, but it won’t fare so well against the sidewalk. It could also pick up scratches if you sling it in a bag unprotected. The sensible move is to invest in one of the best Kindle Oasis cases.

Note: These cases are all for the Kindle Oasis (2019). Many will also fit the Kindle Oasis (2017), as it’s exactly the same size, but check before you buy. The original Kindle Oasis (2016) has completely different proportions.

Huasiru Painting Case

Photo of the Huasiru Kindle Oasis Case in Library design

If something more colorful is your bag, this case from Huasiru is sure to please. With 17 designs to choose from — we love the Library design pictured — its durable synthetic leather outer and soft interior protect your Kindle, while the magnetic closure keeps it safe in your backpack or bag. This case features an automatic sleep/wake function, so you can quickly get back to reading.

Noreve Tradition Leather Case

Picture of Kindle Oasis in dark red leather flip case

For a taste of leather luxury, you can’t do better than Noreve’s Tradition case. This neatly stitched, folio-style case holds your Kindle Oasis snug and secure, and the cover stays closed thanks to magnets. There are cutouts for the charging port at the bottom and the power button at the top. The leather finish adds some durability, and if you opt for the textured finish, it also enhances grip. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to fold the cover back out of the way if you prefer. There’s a subtle Noreve logo on the front at the bottom right and you’ll find the name stamped into the inside cover, unless you go for the more expensive textured finish. Prices start at around $80 and go up to $145, but if money is no object, then we don’t think you’ll find a better option.

Fintie Flip Case

Picture of Fintie Flip Case with a swirly green and blue design on a Kindle Oasis

This is an interesting option that will suit you perfectly if you get tired of holding your Kindle Oasis while reading. The case opens vertically and you can prop your Kindle up at three different angles for easy hands-free reading. Or just fold the cover back and hold it in one hand. There’s also a microfiber lining on the inside and durable synthetic leather on the outside. You can get a plain black version or choose from a variety of patterned finishes. It’s a little bulky, but this is a practical case that won’t break the bank.

$20 from Amazon

Moko Case

Kindle Oasis in a black MoKo shell flip case

The Moko case is a hidden and modest second layer for your Kindle. This case is excellent for Kindle protection because of its hard layer of polycarbonate, gentle microfiber lining against the screen, and faux leather for a classy, stylish appearance. It’s an elegant case, with our favorite options being the textured faux leather and straightforward color schemes. If neither of these sounds appealing, you can also get beautiful artwork. You can easily access everything through the cutouts. This case is reasonably priced, but we’d like to note that the sleep and wake setting do not work with the most recent Oasis model.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Fabric Cover

Amazon fabric Kindle Oasis cover in blue

This Amazon cover comes with a cozy fabric exterior in blue, red, or gray. This cover has a gentle and soft to the touch texture that is less alarming to touch than an ice-cold metal cover. Its material is also water-proof and has improved traction. This Amazon case is skinny, lightweight, and it works without issue with the automatic sleep and wake setting. It is on the expensive side, but it’s worth considering because it combines functionality, looks, and protective qualities.

Walnew Sleeve

Kindle Oasis in a pink suede sleeve

Perhaps you’re looking for an easy sleeve to put on your Kindle Oasis after a night of reading. The Walnew sleeve has a similar texture to suede and is available in light blue, khaki, pink, or gray. The top envelopes the Kindle and has a magnetic device to keep it firmly closed. It’s great if you’re one to store your Kindle in a backpack on the go.

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