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10 stylish and sturdy LG V10 cases

There are lots of reasons to choose the LG V10. This phone has an excellent camera, a gorgeous display, and it’s fast. It’s also one of the most durable smartphones that LG has ever made, with a stainless steel frame and that textured Dura Skin backing. It may handle a fall better than your average phone, but it’s still a good idea to get some protection. The best LG V10 cases also afford you the opportunity to add a splash of style to the tough-looking phone.


Urban Armor Gear Ice Case

If you want something that matches the industrial look of your V10, then UAG’s wares are worth a look. These lightweight cases combine a tough transparent shell with a soft core. The external skid pads keep the phone from coming into contact with any surfaces and reduce the chance of scratches. This is also a tough case you can rely on, because it meets military drop test standards. It adds grip, but also some bulk. The Ice case is the clear version, there’s also a darker tinted Ash option.

Otterbox Defender Series Case ($45)

Otterbox Defender Series Case

Fans of rugged protection will be familiar with the Otterbox brand. The Defender Series offers three layers of protection, combining a polycarbonate shell with a synthetic rubber slipcover and built-in screen protection. You can drop your LG V10 or take it outdoors without a worry when it’s wearing this case. There’s a decent cut-out on the back for access to controls, and you’ll find port plugs to lock out dirt and dust. You also get a holster with it that can clip onto a belt or bag strap and double up as a kickstand. The all-round protection is excellent, but there’s a trade-off because this case does add bulk.


Incipio DualPro Case

For most people this dual layer case from Incipio is going to offer enough protection. There’s a hard outer shell with a soft-touch finish and a flexible inner core that will absorb the shock of any impact. The openings for the ports are accurate and there’s a big opening on the back for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and controls. You can opt for black, two-tone grey, red and black, or pink and grey. This is a solid protective case that feels nice in hand.

Speck MightyShell Case ($55)

Speck MightyShell Case

Here’s another great case for drop-prone owners. You’ve got an inner layer of flexible TPE molded in a special radial pattern to dissipate the impact of a bump or fall. That’s surrounded by tough polycarbonate with a final outer layer of TPU for added grip and shock absorption. The end result is drop protection that exceeds military drop test standards. For a tough case, it’s not too bulky, and Speck’s color highlights add a touch of style.


Obliq Slim TPU Case

The nice thing about this case is that it mirrors the LG V10’s design with a textured pattern divided into squares. It’s a simple TPU cover, offering a second protective skin that will take the sting out of drops and prevent scratches and dings. It’s slim, the cut-outs are accurate, and it definitely adds some grip. You may need to reprogram the fingerprint sensor once the case is on to avoid any issues. This LG V10 case is only available in black, but it certainly won’t break the bank.

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Case Mate Wallet Folio Case ($60)

Case Mate Wallet Folio Case

Some people prefer the leather look and this smart wallet folio case from Case Mate certainly delivers. The exterior is premium, black leather, neatly stitched, and there’s a very subtle debossed logo at the bottom of the front cover. On the back, you’ll find a good cut-out for access to the fingerprint sensor and controls, and the Case Mate name at the bottom. Open it up and there’s a thin shell to hold the LG V10 in place, and a number of card slots in the cover, including a windowed slot for your ID, and a larger pocket at the back for cash.

Olixar Flexishield Case ($9)

Olixar Flexishield Case

This LG V10 case is as simple as they come. It’s a thin, flexible shell with accurate cut-outs. The gel material is soft, easy to grip, and durable. It’s a comfortable case to hold and it adds very little to the profile, but you can’t expect rugged drop protection from a case like this. You can get a completely clear version which allows the design beneath to shine through, opt for a translucent colored version, or get it in solid black.


Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

You may appreciate a couple of the unique features in the Ringke Fusion case. The design encompasses a clear polycarbonate back panel with a TPU bumper that’s designed to absorb impact shock. The cut-outs are precise and, unusually, there’s a lanyard attachment you can use if you like to connect a strap. The TPU bumper comes clear or tinted with “gold crystal” or “smoke black.” This case doesn’t really add grip, and you may need to reset your fingerprint to get the scanner working consistently, but it’s not bad for the price.


Spigen Slim Armor Case

You get decent drop protection largely thanks to the inner TPU layer here, which is reinforced at the corners. A hard polycarbonate shell slots over the top of the black TPU and comes in gunmetal grey or rose gold. The openings are accurate, but, as with many other LG V10 cases, a lot of people have had trouble with the fingerprint sensor when the case is on. Setting it up again after putting the case on should get it working. The standout feature here is the kickstand on the back, which makes it easy to prop your phone in landscape view.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case ($35)

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

If you don’t plan on using the fingerprint sensor and you primarily want drop protection, then this Ballistic case could be for you. It has heavily reinforced corners to bear the brunt of any impact, guaranteeing drop protection at 6 feet. The cut-outs are accurate, but the controls are covered on the back, which means the fingerprint sensor won’t work. It does add some bulk, but the raised lip and corners will ensure that your phone doesn’t come into contact with any surfaces.

That’s all the LG V10 cases and cover we have for now. If you’d like to offer an opinion on any of these cases or recommend something we haven’t covered then please leave a comment.

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