Stop hitting snooze with the best apps to rise and own the day

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Waking up is a chore. You’d give anything to stay wrapped up in your warm blankets, but alas — work or family beckons, and you’ll have to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed. To cope with that, we’ve assembled a few apps to help make those mornings better.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock


As daylight breaks, make sure you’re waking up feeling relaxed and refreshed with Sleep Cycle. This app finds the best time to wake you up during the lightest sleep phase in a 30 minute window from when you set your alarm to go off. It doesn’t require any additional equipment except for your phone, which you can place near the bed or on the floor.

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Mimicker Alarm

While Sleep Cycle can set your alarm and wake you up, you could still have a hard time getting out of bed. Microsoft’s recently launched Mimicker Alarm app helps by throwing a task at you to complete to dismiss your alarm. Complete tongue twisters, snap a picture of yourself making a specific expression, or capture a certain color, these tasks are meant to get your brain started, so you won’t feel drowsy again. If you want an iOS alternative, try Mathe Alarm, which cruelly makes you solve equations to dismiss the alarm. For those days that you desperately need to get somewhere on time — this could be a lifesaver.

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You’ll check your phone as soon as you wake up, and among other notifications, it’s likely you’ll search for weather and traffic updates. With Poncho, you won’t have to search — it’ll come straight to you. If you have an iOS device, you can use the Poncho app to receive weather- and traffic-related notifications in a fun and playful manner. If you’re on Android, Windows Phone, or anything else — you can sign up to receive these notifications via text or email, just add the time you typically wake up. It’s tailored to transportation systems throughout the United States, so if you’re in New York, along with your weather update you can get notified if there are any slowdowns on the A train, or whatever it is you take to get to work.

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7 Minute Workout


If you have a little time before heading out to work, try the high-intensity 7-minute workout — which can go a long way to improving your health. This visually-pleasing Android-only app supports Google Fit, and even offers ab-workout. Apart from that it’s fairly straightforward — do exercises like squatting and jumping jacks in 7 minutes and you’re good to go — just don’t forget to hit the shower after.

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Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Another good iOS (and Android) alternative is Johnson & Johnson’s variant of the 7 minute workout challenge. The app is more than enough to start your day healthy, albeit sweaty. This app has a lot more features that extend the 7 minute workout, like a 9 minute workout, as well as varying levels of difficulty. It has Apple Watch support, so you won’t have to keep glancing at your phone for updates.

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