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Here are the best Moto E4 Plus cases to keep your phone blemish-free

Moto E4 face down near glasses, watch
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If you followed the advice in our Moto E4 review, you’re either buying a Moto E4 or E4 Plus and saving a lot of money. It can be tricky to find the right accessories, though, especially ones that that are worth the money. Sometimes there aren’t many to choose from, or there are only a few that suit your specific preferences. If you’re dealing with this particular dilemma, don’t fret — we’ve rounded up some of the best Moto E4 Plus cases available.

Compared to the sheer number of Moto Z Force cases, there’s a relatively small selection of offerings specific to the Moto E4 Plus, but there’s bound to be something for you in our roundup, whether you’re a fan of wallet-style cases or those that let you prop up your phone in landscape view. Read on for our personal favorites.

C&U Ultra Slim TPU Bumper ($8)

C&U’s case is of a simple design that’s best enjoyed by Moto E4 Plus owners who want a case that offers standard protection without covering up the phone’s aesthetic; after all, the back of the case is completely clear to show off the E4 Plus’ design. If going transparent isn’t your style, you can add a bit of color to the surrounding edges if you get the variant with the black bumper. Accurate cut-outs for your phone’s various ports, buttons, and camera are also present, and it’s at an affordable asking price for a case from a manufacturer that may not be as well known as brands such as Spigen and OtterBox.

J&D Shock Resistant TPU Slim Case ($8)

J&D has made cases for other smartphones in the past that are cheap, minimalist, and effective, and the company’s svelte case for the Moto E4 Plus touts the same set of qualifications. Unlike the aforementioned C&U case, this offering only comes in black, and is meant to shield your phone from the outside world. As the name implies, it’s made using a TPU material, which results in a comfortable-feeling case that provides extra grip, and is capable of handling everyday drops and minor impacts. The case is made specifically for the Moto E4 Plus, so expect the cut-outs to be exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Circlemall Hybrid Shockproof Case ($9)

The main reason many people buy protective cases is so they don’t have to deal with their phone being permanently damaged until it’s repaired or replaced. E4 Plus owners who have this fear should look no further than this hybrid case from Circlemall, which comes ready and willing to defend your investment from just about anything that could harm it. Judging by the look alone, you can tell this case is made to take on impacts with stairs and pavement, due to the hard outer shell and soft, silicone bumper on the inside. When assembled, the case forms a tight seal around your phone, preventing it from moving around or flying out upon impact. Accurate cut-outs also keep your phone’s ports and camera far away from any surface it comes into contact with, and your phone’s buttons are covered by the same silicone that protects the rest of the case, so you’ll never have to worry about them being chipped or dented. Moreover, the package comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

NagaBee Heavy Duty Defender Case ($9)

NagaBee has taken the same approach as Circlemall when it comes to creating cases that focus on protection. The manufacturer uses a hybrid design composed of a hard outer shell that fits onto the back of a softer, rubber case. The smooth, outer shell reduces scratching and chipping, and the flexible inner layer absorbs shock. The buttons are also covered by the aforementioned inner layer, and they’re labeled so you’ll always know which buttons you’re pushing. You can apply this case knowing it won’t add a ton of bulk to your smartphone, and it comes with a 30-day warranty, in case you come to find that you’re not a fan of either of the two color variants (rose gold and black).

Wellci Folio Flip Cover Case ($9)

Flip-cover cases may not be as popular as other cases that emphasize style, rugged protection, or slim form factors, but they are useful, especially if you’re trying to cut down on the number of things you need to carry in your pocket. When it comes to the storage capacity of Wellci’s flip case, you can carry a couple of debit or credit cards within the inner pocket. When closed, only the side buttons and connector ports are accessible, which ensures the utmost protection. Unfortunately, the cover itself doesn’t magnetically close or have a strap, but this shouldn’t be a huge issue if your phone is usually in your hand, pocket, or bag. Being a flip case, you may expect it to add to the overall bulk of your smartphone, and while it does, it doesn’t add an obscene amount. If you’re at all familiar with these kinds of cases, you’ll also probably know that you can use the cover as a kickstand to prop up your phone, in the event there’s a video you want to watch hands-free.

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