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The 15 best Moto G4 cases and covers for style and protection

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The middle child in Lenovo’s smartphone lineup is the budget-conscious Moto G4. It’s a bargain, one packed with a 5.5-inch display, a decent processor, and a quality camera. The body may be plastic, but you’ll still want to wrap it up in order to keep it scuff and scratch-free. You also need protection for that big screen. Below are our favorite Moto G4 cases and covers. Because the Moto G4 Plus is exactly the same size as the Moto G4, however, these are also some of our favorite Moto G4 Plus cases.

Incipio Octane Case ($14+)

Incipio Octane Case

This case combines a colorful, flexible TPU bumper with a frosted, translucent, polycarbonate back. There are accurate cut-outs for the ports and camera. The bumper is textured for extra grip and has clearly defined button covers for the volume and power keys. It offers basic drop protection, but it’s not too bulky. The back is always frosted, but you can get the bumper in pink, black, or cyan.

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Rearth Ringke Fusion Case ($8-9)

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

If you want the design of your Moto G4 or G4 Plus to shine through, then this is the case for you because the back is crystal clear. It’s another case that combines a flexible, TPU bumper with a tough polycarbonate back panel. The openings for the ports and camera are precise and there are button covers for the volume and power. It’s also tough, meeting military drop test standards, and it has a protective lip around the display. There’s a completely clear version or you can get the bumper portion in smoke black.


Diztronic Case ($10)

Diztronic Case

Here’s a very simple, malleable, TPU case with a soft-touch matte finish. There are precise cut-outs for the ports and camera and raised, tactile button covers for the volume and power buttons. It’s a very slim case, so protection is pretty basic, but the bezel does extend beyond the display to protect it if your Moto G4 should be placed face down. There’s a gloss Diztronic logo on the right spine, but this case is plain otherwise. It comes in black, gray, navy blue, red, or teal blue.


Innovaa Wallet Case ($10)

Innovaa Wallet Case

You’ll find space for a couple of cards and some cash in this wallet case. Your Moto G4 or G4 Plus is held snug and secure in a TPU shell and it’s wrapped in an outer layer of PU leather. There are accurate cut-outs for the camera, ports, buttons, and the speaker. The cover has a magnetic closure strap to keep it closed and it can be folded back to act as a landscape stand. You can get this wallet case in plain black, pink, mint, teal, or with a variety of different designs.


Bear Motion Case ($8)

Bear Motion Case

As this case is so svelte, it won’t really provide drop protection, but it will guard against scratches and bumps and it also adds some grip, making you less likely to drop your phone in the first place. There are generous openings for the camera, ports, and buttons. The matte finish is a kind of sand texture and it comes in a variety of attractive colors including black, blue, gray, green, and red.


Cimo Grip Case ($8)

Cimo Grip Case

The G4 is a budget phone, so you might not want to spend too much on a case for it. This simple TPU offering from Cimo should do the trick. It’s flexible, meaning it’s easy to put on your phone and takes the sting out of any potential impacts. There’s a raised bezel surrounding the display to keep it from touching down, and it has precise cut-outs for your phone’s camera, ports, and other features. The covers for power button and volume rocker are also well-defined and easy to locate without looking. It comes in black, blue, or clear varieties.


Poetic Affinity Case ($10)

Poetic Affinity Case

Here’s a practical Moto G4 case that combines a stylish design with solid protection credentials. A clear, polycarbonate shell also  ensures that you can see the design of your chosen Moto G4. The polycarbonate is enhanced with special TPU sections that absorb internal shock and reinforce the corners where protection is needed most. There are generous cut-outs for your phone’s controls, camera, and ports. There’s also a protective lip around the screen and a ridged pattern on the sides for added grip.


Tauri Hybrid Defender Case ($8)

Tauri Hybrid Defender Case

This chunky case has an inner layer of malleable TPU with a hard polycarbonate outer cover. There’s a textured pattern on the back to improve grip, and decent button covers on the right spine. You’ll find openings for the audio jack, Micro USB port, and the camera. This case should provide reasonable drop protection. It also comes in a mix of different colors, from black to pink, to purple, to mint.


Tudia Slim Case ($8)

Tudia Slim Case

You might prefer a matte finish on your Moto G4 case. This is another simple, flexible TPU shell, but it’s finished in matte black, blue, or white and has a soft texture that makes your phone easy to grip. The cases also places gloss highlights around your phone’s camera and at the bottom of the back, where you’ll also find a Tudia logo. The button covers work fine and the openings are accurate for easy access to all your phone’s features and functions.


Oeago Rugged Case ($8)

Oeago Rugged Case

This is far from the best-looking Moto G4 case around, but it’s rugged and comes with a few handy features. The inner TPU dissipates impact shock and the hard shell provides an added layer of protection, while the kickstand gives you a means to prop up your the phone in landscape view. There are button covers and cut-outs for your phone’s ports and camera, too, and the inner sleeve comes in a variety of different colors (i.e. green, orange, and purple).


Rebex Slim Protective Case ($12)


This thin case from Rebex is made out of a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, with the outer body providing additional grip to keep your phone from slipping out of your hands. If it does end up meeting the ground unexpectedly, it’s designed to take on minor drops with ease (especially at the corners), and should prevent the display from shattering, as it has raised edges to keep it away from the ground or any other surfaces when face down. It has cut-outs and covers for the buttons and other functions, with the cut-out around the camera extending outward a bit more to protect the camera lens.


Kapaver Carbon Fiber TPU Case ($12)


The design featured on the back of this case marks it as “rugged,” but it’s also equipped with button covers, air cushioned corners, and carbon fiber textures to back up that impression. To further show that it’s ready to protect your device from whatever comes its way, the interior has a unique pattern to dissipate shocks and there are raised edges surrounding the front face. The only real downside to this case is that it only comes in black.


CoverON Shadow Armor Series Case ($10)


CoverON has made cases in this style for other smartphones, and the benefits remain the same for the Moto G4 and G4 Plus. To be more specific, going for the Shadow Armor case will give you a tighter, slightly more comfortable grip on your phone, protection against most drops. It even comes with a handy kickstand to stand your phone up, so you don’t have to hold it to watch videos. It’s a case that comes in two pieces, but it barely increases the size of your phone.


Abacus Slim Wallet Bumper Case ($9)


If you want a case that allows you to store a couple of cards and adds minimal size to your phone, Abacus has the product for you. It doesn’t have the flip cover that other wallet cases tend to sport. It features a typical shell style instead. It comes in one color — black — and uses TPU and synthetic leather to provide a quality look and smooth feel. Two credit cards, debit cards, or IDs can be stored in the easily accessible sleeve on the back. The case offers basic protection on the back, sides, and corners, and the front edges extend a little past the display to keep it raised and safe when placed face down on a surface.


J&D Tech Jelly Cushion Case ($8)


J&D calls one of its cases “Jelly Cushion,” which implies it’s flexible, easy to hold onto, and relatively smooth to the touch. Fortunately, all of this is true, and you get exactly what you expect when you go for this particular case. It’s a TPU rubber skin that enhances the grip on your phone, provides a snug fit, and will protect your phone from drops, scratches, and sliding along on smooth surfaces. Like all other cases, it has precise cut-outs for all ports, the camera, and speakers, and covers for the buttons.


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