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Here are the 8 best Moto G5S Plus cases for the king of budget smartphones

The Moto G5S Plus is a fantastic device for the budget-conscious among us. It’s powerful, comes equipped with a dual-lens camera, and offers great value for the money if you’re not too worried about having the fastest phone on the market. However, like its flagship brethren, the Moto G5S Plus is not invinvible and comes with the usual safety concerns. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Moto G5S Plus cases that you can grab to make sure your budget device lasts as long as possible.

LK Ultra-Slim Gel Case ($8)

lk moto g5s plus cases

The major advantage of a gel case is the thin profile. This all-TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) gel case from LK fulfils those requirements with an ultra-slim design that clings to your phone and is easy to forget about. The durable TPU is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and shock-absorbent, and it provides impressive protection given its size. A pattern of dots on the inside of the case helps to stop bubbles from forming, and anti-slip properties on the outside help keep your device in your hand.

Dretal Scratch-Resistant Clear Case ($7)

dretal moto g5s plus cases

The ideal cases for people who aren’t too concerned with drop protection, clear cases offer some protection without blocking your view of your device’s style. While you won’t be getting the sort of protection you’d get from a larger case, this case from Dretal provides excellent scratch-protection, thanks to the durable TPU material that forms the inner layer. A hard back panel of polycarbonate (PC) completes the protection, guarding against impacts and shocks, while the raised edge around the camera and display ensure those areas don’t touch surfaces they’re placed on, stopping dirt and grit from reaching them as easily. This is a great case for a great price.

Anccer Rock Sand Ultra-Thin Cover ($12)

anccer moto g5s plus cases

If you’re not too fussy about protection, and you just want to add a new style to your Moto G5S Plus, then check out Anccer’s range of clip-on hard cases. Made from hard PC, Anccer has designed this case to have a rough, gravel-style texture. Far from being uncomfortable, the rough texture lends extra grip to your device, and gives a new feeling to your smooth phone’s metal back. At only 0.8-millimeters thick, it’s super thin, and while the tough PC won’t absorb impact shocks, it’ll keep your phone’s backside from being scratched or dented.

Tekcoo Hybrid Combo Case ($6)

tekcoo moto g5s plus cases

Hybrid or dual-layer cases are great choices if you want to protect against potential damage from drops and falls. Made from a twin construction of TPU and PC, this case from Tekcoo combines a shock-absorbent TPU inner lining with a hard outer shell of PC, giving it all-round protection against shocks from drops and falls. It’s also scratch-resistant and has a solid backbone thanks to the PC shell. It’s fairly bulky, but offers great protection, and the extra bulk means the phone is able to lie flat, rather than on the camera bump.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case ($13)

spigen moto g5s plus cases

One of the most respected names in cell phone accessories, Spigen has proven itself time and time again with great protective options. This Rugged Armor case is all TPU, and offers a flexible but durable covering for your phone. The inner spider-web pattern and Air Cushion technology help to dissipate impact shock away from your phone and into the shock-absorbent TPU. A raised lip protects the screen and camera bump from touching surfaces. It does have some issues with screen protectors, but if you’re not using screen protection, then this case is one of the best you can get.

Tudia Slim Dual Layer Case ($13)

tudia moto g5s plus cases

Tudia has designed its Slim Dual Layer Case to have a sleek and understated look that’s completely different from the usual rugged appearance that you’d expect from a tough case. While we can’t say we’d really call it slim, it does sit close to the device, and this is one of the slimmer dual layer cases we’ve come across. A raised edge protects the vulnerable areas of the phone, it has great drop-protection, and a smooth, executive style. Definitely one of our favorites for this phone.

Swoders Flower Design Clear Case ($8)

swoders moto g5s plus cases

If you’ve found all the cases so far to be a bit bland and without personality, then here’s a touch of color for you. This Flower Design case from Swoders is another simple case that combines a flexible TPU inner shell and hard PC outer shell to protect the rear of the device. It’s a slim case, so it’s great if you don’t want your phone taking up extra space, and the clear areas of the case show your phone off to everyone around you. The only concern we have is that the pattern is printed on the outside of the case, rather than the insid, so it could eventually show wear and tear.

Incipio NGP Pure Case ($20)

incipio moto g5s plus cases

Another case-maker with a fine record, Incipio offers a flexible case with protective qualities that also help you to keep a hold of your phone. Made from a shock-absorbing polymer material called Flex2O, this case is stretch- and tear-proof. Thanks to the soft material the case is made from, it adds excellent grip to your phone, and it’s easy to forget the smooth and slim exterior is even there. It’s possibly the best gel case you can buy.

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