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The best Moto Z3 Play cases

Play nice and play safe with the best Moto Z3 Play cases

moto z3 play front against blue
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With considerable battery life, zippy performance, and continued support for Moto Mods, the Moto Z3 Play is a great way to get access to Motorola’s Mod ecosphere without having to spend an awful lot of money. But with the return of the glass body, the Moto Z3 Play is more fragile than the Z2 Play before it. Unless you wrap it up in cotton wool every day, your phone is at risk of cracks, chips, and other damage from everyday use.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to make sure that your Moto Z3 Play makes it to your next upgrade, then a protective case is a great idea. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Moto Z3 Play cases to keep your phone safe.

LK Clear Gel Case ($8)

If you want to get yourself some decent protection, but don’t want to hide your Moto Z3 Play’s style away from the world, then a clear gel case may be the best choice for you. This case from LK is made from TPU, a soft material that is easy to grip and shock-absorbent. While it won’t offer the same sort of protection as a larger, bulkier rugged case, the soft TPU will help absorb the energy from shocks and drops. A micro-dot pattern on the inside prevents the case clinging to the phone and creating unsightly bubbles, and the case comes with all the correct cutouts, but covers the Moto Mod magnetic connector.

Fincibo Nebula Galaxy Hard Case ($8)

fincibo best moto z3 play cases

What about a case that adds some additional flair to your Z3 Play? This hard case comes in a variety of styles — we chose the Nebula Galaxy variant, but there are also two different marble designs, as well as a dog paw-themed style as well. It’s made from hard polycarbonate plastic (PC), so while it’s not as absorbent as soft TPU, it will resist more direct threats against the phone, while also being extremely light. On the downside, it doesn’t cover the top and bottom edges of the device, which leaves them open to damage — and it also doesn’t cover the Moto Mod connector, which is odd, since you won’t be able to use a Moto Mod with a case on. Still, it looks great and it should protect your phone well.

Wellci Outback Rugged Case ($8)

wellci best moto z3 play cases

If you need more protection than a standard case, but still want something slim and low-profile, the Outback case from Wellci is a great choice. The Outback is made from high-strength TPU, which provides shock-resistance and absorption, and comes with a raised edge to reduce the chances your device’s screen will be scratched by dirt or grit. The textured finish also helps add grip on the device and TPU covers keep the buttons safe. The Moto Mod connector is also protected underneath the case. It comes in a variety of different colors to match your personal style.

Suensan Carbon Fiber-Style Rugged Case ($8)

suensan best moto z3 play cases

Carbon fiber is the material of the future. Super-strong and super-light, it’s a real sci-fi material, and having a case made out of it would be amazing. Sadly, that’s not what this is — but this case does mimic the look and impart a sci-fi, futuristic feel. This TPU case is light, flexible, and shock-absorbent, and comes in a variety of colors to match your style. Each corner of the case comes with an “air-cushioning” system to help protect against drops. Unfortunately, there’s no cover over the Moto Mod connector, so you run the risk of damaging that area — but otherwise, the case is of a decent quality and should protect your phone well.

Tudia Heavy-Duty Extreme Case ($9)

tudia best moto z3 play cases

Sometimes you just need protection, and making sure your phone is safe and sound is paramount. That’s what Tudia specializes in, and that’s why it made this heavy-duty case. It uses two layers of protection to keep your phone safe, with an inner core of TPU to absorb shocks and provide grip around the phone, as well as an outer shell of hard PC that protects against more direct threats against your phone’s body. It’s a great combination, and it leads to some great protection. Raised edges protect the display and eliminate the large camera bump, while the dual-layer construction protects against most drops, bumps, and other hazards. It’s not the smallest case around, but it protects very well.

Poetic Karbon Shield Tough Case ($10)

poetic best moto z3 play cases

Everyone knows of Spigen, UAG, and similar brands, but you might not have heard of Poetic. Poetic is something of a quiet player in the accessories world right now, but its star is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why with cases like the Karbon Shield. It’s another case with a carbon fiber texture, giving a cool futuristic feel that also provides grip — and it’s made from shock-absorbent TPU so it should protect well against drops and shocks. It’s slim and light, comes with button covers to keep those areas safe, and fully protects your Moto Mod connector. Best of all, Poetic offers a three-year warranty on manufacturer defects, so it should last your phone’s whole lifetime.

Poetic Karbon Shield Tough Case

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