The 10 best Motorola Droid Turbo cases to safeguard your phone

The Motorola Droid Turbo is one of the best phones you can pick up at Verizon right now. It has a stunning display, a long-lasting battery, and an impressive camera. However, while it’s water-resistant and Kevlar-coated, that doesn’t make it indestructible, and a decent case is still advisable to add a final protective layer. It can also add a touch of style to a design that’s less alluring than many of the other flagship smartphones on the market today. Here are some of the best Motorola Droid Turbo cases we think you should consider.

Incipio DualPro Case ($20)Incipio DualPro Case

Thanks to the hard polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPE core, this cool Incipio case provides plenty of drop protection. The button covers are easy to find without looking and work well. The cut-outs are accurate, and the camera opening is beveled to prevent any problems with the flash washing out your pictures. The soft touch, matte finish adds a little grip and comfort, and it comes in a variety of different colors including black, cyan, and pink.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case ($30)Otterbox Commuter Series case

Anyone concerned about dropping or scratching up the Droid Turbo should check out this case from OtterBox. It offers the classic dual layer combo with a soft, snug, rubbery inner layer that includes button and port covers, with a tough outer shell. To give complete peace of mind, there’s a screen protector too. It is quite bulky, but the case fits extremely well, and it will guard against falls and bumps. It’s also not as big as the top of the line Defender Series. You can get it in black or a choice of color combos which contrast the inner and outer layers. The sides add grip, while the back is smooth, which is great for sliding in and out of pockets, but something to watch out for when you lay it on a flat surface.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($10)Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Sometimes you just want a basic case that isn’t going to put too big a dent in your wallet. Cruzerlite specializes in making good TPU cases that feature the Android mascot and come in a wide variety of different colors. The cases are flexible, they have accurate cut-outs, and they’re slightly translucent. Like other versions, the Droid Turbo version has a futuristic circuitry design complete with an Android in the middle. There’s a slight lip round the front to prevent the screen from hitting the ground. It’s a good no-frills option for basic protection.

Diztronic TPU Case ($10)Diztronic TPU Case

If you like the idea of a basic TPU case, but you’d prefer something plainer, then Diztronic has you covered. This thin, matte finish case comes in black, gray, or red. There’s a subtle logo on the side, but that’s it for details. The button covers are good, the openings are all present and correct, and it’s comfortable to hold. It won’t provide rugged drop protection, but it adds a little grip, and it’s thin enough to work with wireless charging.

Motorola Flip Case ($50)Motorola Flip Case

Here’s an interesting case from Motorola. This real, premium leather case looks and feels gorgeous. It also has a clever window that allows you to see basic information and take photos or calls on your Droid Turbo without opening the case. It offers basic all-round protection and the openings are exact. We think the dark brown leather is the best look, but you can also opt for black leather with gray suede or nylon. It’s worth noting that this case will arrive in pristine condition, not with the weathered look that you see in some of the pictures – that only comes with time.

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