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Download these 5 great apps to get free stuff, improve Live Photos, and get fit

best new apps 08 14 2016
Playing around with Live Photos on iOS this Sunday? We’ve got an app from Google that makes them far more useful. Check out Motion Stills, and our other four apps of the week.

T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile Uncarrier 11
Attention T-Mobile subscribers: the “un-carrier” is giving away free stuff every week to show its appreciation for its growing subscriber base. All you have to do is download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and add your number to verify your account. Every Tuesday you’ll be treated to three things: a pizza from Domino’s, a Frosty from Wendy’s, and a free movie rental from Vudu. There will also be an additional surprise gift — the first week’s gift was a free ticket to the Warcraft film. The app also lets you access a single share of stock for the primary account holder, and there’s a game you can play to win even bigger prizes.

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Google Play

Motion Stills

motion stills
Live Photos on iOS is cool and all, but it’s not that useful when it comes to sharing, or even making photos look much better. In comes Google to the rescue with Motion Stills. When you open the app, you’ll first notice that you can finally see all your Live Photos in one place — Live Photos typically get lost in your camera roll. Motion Stills stabilizes these janky and shaky Live Photos and turn them into GIFs, allowing you to instantly share them to various social networks. You can also combine your motion stills to create “epic movies.”



nba fit
Just what you need to get motivated — another fitness app. But this one’s a little different — it’s made by Under Armour and the NBA. Like most fitness apps, NBA Fit can do the basics like track and share your fitness goals and progress, but where the app shines is its database of workout tips from acclaimed NBA trainers. There’s plenty of video content from NBA and WNBA players to keep you motivated, and complete in-game challenges for a chance to see them live with tickets to a game.


Google Play


You may have heard of Sprightly before — it’s an app by Microsoft that makes it super simple for small businesses, or anyone, to create fliers, coupons, catalogs, e-cards, and more. The app has been available on Android since early 2016, but its debut on iOS has brought new designs and colors. Sprightly is an easy way to quickly make a shareable graphic, without having to know a shred of design or use a graphic-design application. Just take a photo, browse through templates and customize your design. You can then share your content online or send it to a printer as a PDF.


Google Play


It seems nearly everyone has a podcast these days, but Bumpers wants to make podcast creation truly barrier-free and more of a communal activity. Record your clip, tap on clips to edit them down, add music segues and sound effects, and share your thoughts to the community. You can also use the app to listen to popular Bumpers, and it already looks as though a small community is forming. Most of the clips are fairly short, and that’s because they’re not podcasts, but more like people throwing in their two cents on various Bumpers-initiated questions such as, “What are your favorite conspiracy theories?” You can chat about whatever you want though, and check out the website to listen to more podcasts.


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