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The best Nokia 8.1 cases and covers

The best Nokia 8.1 cases to keep your phone looking great

Nokia’s famous “brick” phones of the ’90s and early ’00s were among the most durable phones ever created. Today’s smartphones are far more delicate, so if you own the Nokia 8.1, you’ll need to keep it safe to avoid the anger and frustration that comes with breaking your cell phone.

Whether you prefer a wallet folio, a skin, or a hard case, we have the scoop on the best cases and covers for the Nokia 8.1 smartphone.

Avidet Clear Case ($8)

With a selection of great colors and a solid aluminum frame, it’s a shame to hide the Nokia 8.1 away from an adoring crowd. With Avidet’s clear case you don’t have to. It’s made from 100 percent clear TPU, which is protective and soft, and capable of absorbing the impact from blows and drops. It’s not as thick or resistant as a rugged case, but it still provides good protection against a variety of threats. Raised edges around the screen and the camera lenses elevate the phone from surfaces, and the soft TPU adds grip to your phone, keeping it in your hand. While it won’t protect against really big drops, it offers great daily protection against usual wear and tear.

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case ($13)

Whether you’re a high-flying executive or just a regular Joe Schmo, a wallet case is an excellent choice for protection and added utility. This case from Olixar combines some of the best elements of wallet cases in a case that’s not too expensive, and adds a durable leather-style, polyurethane exterior. It folds over to protect your screen when not in use, and can become a handy horizontal stand if needed. The PU leather looks great, but is also durable and easy to clean. There’s even a slot inside the cover to keep a credit card, some spare cash, or a travel ticket, so you can leave the wallet at home.

Sleo Rubberized Hard Case ($9)

Who says protection has to be bulky? Sleo’s hard case is made from polycarbonate, a tough material that’s also extremely light, so it barely adds any additional thickness to your phone. It attaches by snapping onto the frame of your Nokia 8.1, and it has been treated with a soft touch coating that gives it nonslip properties. That coating is also hydrophobic, so it’ll resist oils and water droplets, as well as adding protection against scratches and other hazards. Polycarbonate isn’t the best at defending against drops though, as it lacks impact-absorbency. Still, this is a great choice if you’re not worried about drops.

Thinkart Carbon Fiber-style Rugged Case ($7)

After something a little more on the rugged side? This case from Thinkart is made from TPU, so it comes with all the absorbency and resistance we’ve come to expect. But Thinkart has built upon that, adding airbags to each of the corners, and more anti-slip textures to the outside. It’s light, and it provides pretty good protection across the board. It doesn’t look bad either, with a brushed metal look finished off with carbon fiber-style panels at either end of the case. It’s cheap, too, making it a good choice if you like protection with a sci-fi style.

Maikezi Dual Layer Armor Case ($8)

Maikezi’s dual layer armor case is here for those who want to double down on their protection. It’s made from a TPU inner core with a hard polycarbonate shell over the top — a great combination which protects against shocks from impacts, and also protects against more direct threats with a solid backbone. The TPU core sticks out of the shell, adding grip to the case, and it comes with button covers for all the keys. There’s also a horizontal kickstand, which is a little flimsy, but still serves well for watching videos on the go. A bargain at this price, it’s a great case for the Nokia 8.1 owner who finds themselves outside a lot.

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