15 OnePlus 2 cases to add style and protection

The OnePlus 2 looks like a bargain for the money, but it’s not so cheap that you can afford to risk dropping it without a good case to protect it. It’s also not the most exciting design we’ve ever seen, and the textured back cover could prove to be an acquired taste, so you might want to add a touch of style. That said, these are the best OnePlus 2 cases and covers currently available.

Updated on 1-25-2016 by Simon Hill: Added cases by Rhino Shield, Noreve, Spigen, Seidio, and Nillkin.

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper ($25)

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

Excellent drop protection is the name of the game for Rhino Shield, and the Crash Guard bumper can handle falls from at least 11.5 feet. This is the ideal solution if you’re always dropping your phone, but you’d prefer not to buy a bulky case that covers the OnePlus 2 up. The button covers are good and there are cut-outs for the ports, though you might find the headphone one a little narrow for some jacks. This bumper comes in white, red, or black, and offers a good protective alternative to a traditional case.

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Noreve Tradition B Case ($55)

Noreve Tradition B Case

You’ll find a range of different styles in Noreve’s handcrafted leather case line-up. We’ve picked the wallet replacement, Tradition B, which features a magnetic closure and opens to reveal two card slots and a money pocket in the cover. Your OnePlus 2 nestles safe and sound in a thin shell, and the padded leather offers all-around protection. There’s a handy fold-out kickstand on the back, and openings allow you to access the ports and use the camera with the case on. You have the option of customizing this case with a wide range of textured finishes and colors.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Case ($13)

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Molded from a single piece of TPU, this angular, flexible case from Spigen features carbon fiber highlights on the back. There’s a slight lip to safeguard the screen and extra protection at the corners where you need it most to combat drop damage. The cut-outs are accurate, and the button covers are easy to find and press without looking. This case does also add a bit of grip, making your OnePlus 2 less likely to slip from your hand.

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Seidio Dilex Pro Case ($15)

Seidio Dilex Pro Case

The solid metal kickstand is the big draw for this rugged case. It pops easily out of the back and props your OnePlus 2 up in landscape view. Dual-layer protection ensures that your phone will survive a drop or two. There’s also a shock absorbent inner layer of TPU with a protective hexagonal pattern and an overcoat of rigid polycarbonate. The openings are in the right places and the button covers work well, but this is quite a chunky case. The inner TPU is black, but you can get the outer shell in black, blue, or red.

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Nillkin Qin Wallet Case ($15)

Nillkin Qin Wallet Case

If you like the idea of a wallet case, but you don’t want to spend too much, then this could be the one for you. Your OnePlus 2 slots neatly into a slim polycarbonate shell and it’s wrapped in fake leather. There’s a soft lining inside and a single handy card slot in the cover. Accurate cut-outs ensure that you have full access to the ports, buttons, and the camera. It’s pretty slim and provides all-around coverage, but we wouldn’t rely on it for drop protection.

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