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Best period tracking apps for Android and iOS

Tracking periods manually is a cumbersome task and there’s a high possibility of losing track of your flow cycle. If you still happen to use pen and paper for period tracking, it’s time you switch to an app. Apart from tracking your monthly cycle, they record flow heaviness, ovulation and assist you in flagging any potential health problems that may occur due to it. Though not completely accurate, the collective data presented by these apps can be extremely beneficial. Read ahead to find out the top period tracking apps for both Android and iOS.


App layout on a white bg
App Store

Flo is a massively popular period tracking app that offers a minimal interface along with a plethora of features on offer. It allows you to log in more than 70 symptoms and activities to provide you with an expansive AI-based overview of your health. On top of that, Flo works closely with 80 plus health experts to better understand users’ health.

Besides the daily insights, the app provides a detailed monthly health report. The app offers essential features in the free version itself. But there’s a $10 monthly charge if you require fertility assistance, educational resources, videos, or a more personalized experience. Flo also has a secret chat feature that lets you chat with all users on the platform. A lot of users on Flo use the feature to discuss intimate topics. The feature is bundled with the free version which makes it even more amazing.

Android iOS


App interface
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Clue has got you covered if you’re on the lookout for a gender-neutral period tracking app. For the same, it uses gender-inclusive language and provides resources that cater to the LGBTQIA community as well. Another good thing about Clue is that it’s entirely customizable. So you can choose what to log and what not to. As per Clue, you can predict your period cycle upto 3 months in advance which is on par with most apps on offer. There’s also an option for pregnancy tracking if required.

Android iOS


Period tracker app interface
App Store

Glow is a data-driven period tracking app that presents all of your data in the form of graphs and PDFs. Which when required can be printed or shared. It tracks your period, ovulation, sexual activity, and body basal temperature. Your partner can access these details if you add them to the app. With time, Glow understands your cycle and makes smarter predictions. It’s a great app for family planning and people undergoing fertility treatment.

Android iOS


App UI
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Ovia has a host of features fertility tracking features, thus making it popular amongst people trying to get pregnant. Based on factors such as ovulation, cervical position, and basal body temperature, it provides you with a daily fertility score (possibility of pregnancy on that particular day). However, it’s not suggested to use this as a measure for birth control. Ovia has a sister app that helps track your baby’s growth. Although pregnancy-focused, you can track your flow when required. Despite these great features, Ovia is absolutely free of cost.

Android iOS

Magic Girl

App layout Magic Girl app
App Store

Magic Girl is one of the few periods tracking apps designed specifically for teens. The app has beautiful aesthetics layered with cartoon characters and emojis. It also has a collection of informative videos discussing first periods, feminine hygiene products, birth control, and more. Magic Girl tracks your periods, predicts fertile days, and provides tips relevant for your cycle. It has a chat feature that lets you interact with other teens on the app and a dairy feature to note your daily experience.

Android iOS


Eve app layout
App Store

Developers of Glow have another amazing app called “Eve”. Unlike its sister app, Eve focuses on sexual health and flow tracking. Through the app, one can record sexual encounters, sex drive, moods, period symptoms, and more. Using your existing period data, it predicts the upcoming one. Eve also brings a handy forecast feature that predicts common period symptoms that one might experience each day. Not to miss, the app includes daily sex quizzes and a community where can ask questions, share stories and interact.

Android iOS

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles app interface
App Store

Natural Cycles is the first FDA-cleared birth-control app. In order to predict the fertility window, the app requires body temperature in the morning with a basal thermometer, period cycle details, PMS symptoms(Premenstrual syndrome), etc. Based on these details, the app states if the day is non-fertile (Green signal) or fertile (Red signal). While the app is great for planning or preventing pregnancy, you cannot entirely rely on it.

Android iOS

Spot On Period Tracker

Spot On Period tracker layout
App Store

Spot On Period Tracker comes from Planned Parenthood which is a nonprofit organization providing sexual health care in the United States and globally. Like other apps in the list, it crams in all the necessary period tracking features. But what’s impressive is that you can feed your contraceptives (pill, patch, ring, shot, IUD, etc). Post which it tells the frequency of your usage, reminds you to use it, and provides tips on birth control methods. Besides this, Spot On gets you articles from Planned Parenthood experts.

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