The best portable chargers of 2019

Need a quick battery boost? Try one of our favorite portable chargers

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Poweradd Pilot 4GS Portable Charger

Poweradd Pilot 4GS
  • Capacity: 12,000mAh
  • Outputs: 2 ports (3A total)
  • Weight: 257g (9.10oz)
  • Price: $25
  • Time to fully charge: 6 to 7 hours

This is a great-quality portable charger at a tempting price. It offers two USB ports, capable of up to 3A, allowing you to simultaneously charge two devices, though that splits the output between them. It also showcases an aluminum body that’s currently available in three colors. It’s fairly lightweight, too, and will fit in most pockets.

The Pilot charges via the Lightning port using the supplied cable and should allow you to charge your iPhone roughly four times. For Android smartphones with larger capacities, you’re looking at two or three charges. You’ll also find the familiar, four-LED indicator system that lets you know the device’s remaining power at a glance. Simply tap the button to illuminate them.


Belkin Pocket Power Charger

Belkin Pocket Power
  • Capacity: 5,000mAh
  • Outputs: 1 port (2.4A)
  • Weight: 131g (4.6oz)
  • Price: $25-plus
  • Time to fully charge: Around 5 hours

Here’s a fairly small, lightweight option from Belkin that will charge up an iPhone around one-and-a-half times, and should provide at least one full charge for most other smartphones. There’s a single USB port that puts out up to 2.4A, and a MicroUSB port for charging it up that’s rated at 2A.

It’s durable, with a plastic casing that comes in your choice of pink, black, or silver. It’s small enough to slip into a pocket or handbag. There’s a power button on the side with four LEDs that light up green to show remaining power in 25 percent chunks. You get a 6-inch Micro USB-to-USB cable in the box with it.

If you need more capacity, then Belkin does offer 10,000mAh ($40) and 15,000mAh ($50) models that sport two USB ports for charging. Belkin offers a special $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty that guarantees a repair or replacement if your device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the charger.

Amazon Belkin

ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger

ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger
  • Capacity: 30,000mAh
  • Outputs: 4 ports (2 x 2A and 2 x 1A)
  • Weight: 400g (14.1oz)
  • Price: $50
  • Time to fully charge: 8 to 24 hours

If you want enough power to keep your gadgets going for a week in the wilderness, then this rugged power bank from ZeroLemon could be right up your street. It’s very big and heavy, but that’s the price you pay for a 30,000mAh capacity. It’s also designed to cope with the outdoors, so there’s a dual-layer plastic covering to absorb shock and port covers to keep dirt out, but it won’t cope with the wet.

It’s capable of charging up four devices simultaneously with a combined output of 6A divided into 2A/2A/1A/1A. You’ll be able to charge up an iPhone 8 around ten times, a Galaxy S9 about seven times, or an iPad a couple of times. There’s a round power button on the top with four LEDs built in to give you an idea about the remaining power.

You only get one Micro USB cable in the box, but there are actually two Micro USB ports to enable you to charge this up faster, which is a good thing, because it can take 24 hours to charge with a single charger. It’s not going to suit everyone, but for a family or a group of friends on a camping trip, this could be ideal.


Zendure A2 Portable Charger

Zendure A2 Portable Charger
  • Capacity: 6,700mAh
  • Outputs: 1 port (2.1A)
  • Weight : 136g (4.8oz)
  • Price: $30

The smallest offering in the Zendure range manages to pack a lot of power into its compact frame. It’s a really durable, crush-proof design, so it’s a good choice for adventurers. There’s a single 2.1A USB port and a Micro USB port in the top. The USP for this is the pass-through capability that allows you to charge the Zendure A2 and a connected smartphone at the same time.

There are a small power button and four LEDs that light up to indicate what’s remaining. It turns itself on and off automatically when you plug in a device, so the power button is only for checking remaining juice.

You get a short cable in the box with it as well as a cloth carrying pouch with a drawstring. It’s very portable and it holds a charge well. Zendure claims 95 percent after six months in standby. You can get larger sizes with greater capacity and more ports, but the A2 is ideal if you need a small, tough charger to give you a couple of full charges for your smartphone.


Nimble 10K Portable Charger

  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Outputs: 3 ports (2 USB-A QC 3.0, 1 USB-C PD 18W)
  • Weight: 255g (9oz)
  • Price: $50

When it comes to battery packs, Nimble is the new kid on the block. The Nimble 10,000mAh Portable Charger is among the company’s first smartphone accessories to be released. What makes Nimble stand out from the competition is its use of sustainable materials. The Nimble 10K is constructed from bioplastics derived from sugarcane and corn. Nimble’s packaging is also 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. You’ll also find a small recycling bag that ships with each product so you can mail in old electronics to be recycled.

In addition to two USB-A ports, one of which supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard, there’s also an 18W USB-C input or output port, so you can easily charge another device. One of our favorite features is the detachable magnetic cable management strap that attaches to the bottom of the battery pack for convenience. The LED lights on the side tell you how much juice is left but can also show if your device is charging fast.

If you want a higher capacity battery pack from Nimble, the company has 13,000mAh, 20,000mAh, and 26,000mAh battery packs available.

Amazon Nimble

RAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger

  • Capacity: 27,000mAh
  • Outputs: 4 ports (1 AC at 100W 0.9A, 1 Type-C at 3A, 2 USB at 2.4A each)
  • Weight: 861g (30.4oz)
  • Price: $130

When you absolutely, positively gotta charge every device in the room, accept no substitutes. It’s debatable whether this is really portable, but the extra size allows an unbeatable 27,000mAh capacity and offers something that none of the other power banks in our list can — an AC outlet. You could plug a TV into this, but a laptop seems more likely and it will charge up the new 12-inch MacBook three times over. For phones, it can charge up an iPhone 8 more than 10 times and a Galaxy S9 around six times.

In addition to the 100W/0.9A AC outlet, it also sports a Type-C port that can output at 3A, along with two traditional USB ports offering up to 2.4A each. You could charge a MacBook and two phones at once if you want to. You will find a standard LED array in blue to show remaining power, but there are eight LEDs instead of the usual four. It also has a DC input at 19V/1.6A to recharge faster, though it’s still going to take a few hours.

This thing is pretty huge and heavy, but it’s a versatile beast and it has vents to prevent overheating. It ships with two Micro USB cables (one short and one longer), a power adapter, and a travel pouch.

Amazon RAVPower

Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation Wireless

  • Capacity: 6,040mAh
  • Output: 1 ports (2A)
  • Weight: 160 grams (5.63 oz)
  • Price: $80

If you’re looking to lighten your load, or just pare down the number of smartphone accessories you have, the Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation Wireless may be a great fit. Mophie’s latest and greatest is not just a 6,040mAh battery pack, but a wireless charger as well. While it doesn’t have the same capacity as some of the other chargers on this list, there’s still enough to get you around an extra 35 hours on your smartphone. There’s the Powerstation Wireless XL if you want more juice, as it packs a 10,000mAh capacity (and costs $100).

The Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation Wireless features a wireless charging coil on top as well as a 10W fast charging USB-A port for any secondary device that may need some juice. There’s also a USB Type-C charging port you can use to recharge the battery pack faster than traditional MicroUSB ports. The battery pack also has pass-through charging so you plug it in at bedtime, place your phone on the wireless charging pad and wake up to find both fully charged.

Amazon Mophie


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