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Track the progress of your burgeoning baby with these pregnancy apps

pregnancy apps
Are you a new mom-to-be looking for a little help? Keeping track of your health is vital, but the right information — and access to other moms and families who are also expecting — is important as well. These apps will help you learn about different aspects of your pregnancy, at all different stages, and put you in touch with others going through the same experiences. We’ve made a list of some of the best pregnancy apps available for both iOS and Android.

There is one important point to keep in mind, however. As good as these pregnancy apps are for keeping track of your changes, keeping a calendar, and connecting with others, they are in no way a substitute for professional advice from your doctor. You should always consult your doctor first if you have health concerns, and keep following your scheduled doctor’s appointments as usual.

I’m Expecting Pregnancy App and Baby Guide

pregnancy apps
This app is all about learning and sharing your experience throughout your pregnancy. The app provides access to a robust community, where you can ask questions and share your personal experiences. It also offers videos, guides, tips, and other resources for you to read and learn from. You can use the app to calculate your due date, too, and it will provide weekly updates about your pregnancy and what you can expect. There’s even a photo diary where you can take weekly photos of your baby bump, and watch the change over time.

Baby Names!!

pregnancy apps
This app will help you answer the big question: What will you call your baby? If you need help finding a good name, then this is the app you’re looking for. The app lets you choose from more than 30,000 names. Not only do you get to see the name, but you also get to see the meaning, origin, and pronunciation of the name in question. It also features a built-in Genie that can suggest names that pair well with the names of both parents.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro with Baby Names

pregnancy apps
Here’s another pregnancy and health tracker that benefits from strong social features, one that provides access to forums where you can share your experiences with a broader community. The app lets you track a few things, too, such as doctor appointments and contractions. It has a kick counter and a chart that will calculate your estimated weight gain for each week, allowing you to better log your pregnancy and share information with your doctor.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today | Daily Tracker

pregnancy apps
This app has all the features you’d expect in a pregnancy app, including access to community forums, videos, and calendars designed to help you through your pregnancy. What makes this app different, however, is the Baby’s First Year feature, which is will help you after your little bundle of joy has arrived. The convenient tool provides you with a daily calendar to help you through your child’s first year, along with useful articles, videos, and activity suggestions.

Pregnancy ++

pregnancy apps
This is another great app that allows you to sync your health information with Apple’s Health app. The app is a bit more versatile than most, however, given it can be personalized for the father, grandparents, and other family members. All the standard features are here, too, including calendars, kick counters, names suggestions, and different logs that allow you to track your weight, doctor visits, and daily pregnancy information. You can also use the software to keep a personal diary.

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