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The best Samsung Galaxy A50 cases and covers

While chiefly known for its flagship phones, Samsung is no stranger to the lower-priced marketplace, having put out a number of excellent phones at a variety of price brackets. At $350 (or less online), the Samsung Galaxy A50 is Samsung’s premier budget/midrange offering, with good performance, a great AMOLED display, and a triple-lens rear camera system. While it’s cheap, it’s not expendable, so if you want to make sure it lasts, then you need to protect it. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy A50 cases.

Ghostek Clear Silicone Phone Case

Ghostek Clear Silicone Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy A50

Here’s a beautifully sleek case from Ghostek that’s also built to last. Replete with shock-absorbing bumper corners, it has been drop tested to military grade, and can withstand falls of up to eight feet. If that weren’t enough, the raised edges around the display and camera lenses will save your phone from damage to these areas. The case also provides an anti-scratch back and a useful non-slip grip, reducing the chances of it accidentally sliding out of your hands.

Speck Presidio Pro Case

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If you want 10-foot drop protection, then this Galaxy A50 case from Speck is the one for you. Combining a hard PC layer with an inner, shock-absorbing lining, it will endure plenty of abuse. It also sports a tidy minimalistic design, with the outer shell affording a good level of grip and comfort. Anyone concerned about hygiene will also be pleased to hear that the outer layer has been treated with an anti-microbial coating, reducing the growth of bacteria. There are also raised bezels for added screen and camera protection, while the case is also pretty lightweight and compatible with wireless charging.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy A50

Made out of a combination of hard PC and more flexible TPU, this cover from Supcase will do a very good job of guarding your Galaxy A50 against drops and damage. The raised bezels will protect the phone’s screen and camera lenses, while the shockproof bumpers also provide further reinforcement. It also comes with a detachable holster, which can be used as a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Poetic Guardian Series Case

Poetic Guardian Series best Samsung Galaxy A50 cases

Unlike other rugged cases, this cover from Poetic looks invitingly clean and slimline. It features a transparent PC back and a TPU lining, with the bumpers offering considerable insurance against falls and impacts. The hard PC rear is also resistant to scratches, and there are raised bezels for the camera lenses. In fact, the case also comes with its own screen protector, which can be attached to the phone’s display to enable all-around protection.

Spigen Liquid Crystal


The Galaxy A50 is a beautiful phone, so you don’t have to hide it away if you don’t want to. Spigen’s Liquid Crystal clear case provides good protection without concealing your style. It’s made from tough but lightweight TPU that adds shock-absorbency and anti-slip properties to your phone, while also being completely clear. The inside of the case is smudge-proof, and raised edges make sure your screen is protected when it’s laid facedown. While it won’t be as strong as a rugged case, Spigen’s build quality is solid, making the Liquid Crystal an excellent case for normal daily use.

Ringke Fusion-X


Want a clear case that leans more toward protection? Ringke’s Fusion-X series is a veteran of the market, and it brings all that experience to bear here. Hard polycarbonate makes up the rear of the case, and provides solid protection against scratches, while the soft TPU bumper protects against shocks from impacts and drops. It’s been tested to military standards for drops up to four feet (1.2 meters), while the ridges along the outer bumper also help to boost grip. On the minus side, it has a look charitably described as “unique”, and it may not be for everyone. However, with excellent protection and even a lanyard attachment point, this is a fantastic case for the price.

VRS Designs Damda Shield


At first glance, a case’s sole purpose is to protect a device against external damages, but innovations provide exciting bonuses. Wallet cases are great, but not everyone likes the all-encompassing design of the folding wallet case. VRS Designs’ Damda Shield exists for those people. TPU and polycarbonate materials used in its construction don this case an impenetrable shield made even more desirable by a new functional element. A little bump on the back shows where you’ll find the card storage section. Simply slide back the compartment covering, and you have space for up to two credit cards and some spare cash. It’s not the most spacious wallet case around, but it’s convenient and protective.

Otterbox Defender Series


Otterbox has earned its high ranking in the cellphone protection realm. It has set the standard for numerous consecutive years, and this case isn’t any different from other products. It includes multiple layers of sturdy materials that provide heavy-duty protection, while its hard exterior shell is covered in slipcover material to offer a firm grip. 

This Otterbox case features an embossed edge that protects the screen and camera lens. You also get several port covers, which prevent any particles, water, or other substances from getting in. It also includes an inventive holster and belt clip for easy carrying. These ingenious features also serve as a kickstand if necessary. 

This model is the perfect example of a high-quality phone case. In this case, substance certainly beats style. Although it may not be the most attractive case, it offers incredible functionality and protection. We must warn you, though, be prepared to spend a little more on this one.

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