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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors

You’ve made an excellent investment in your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but now you have to protect your phone from cracks and scratches — and that includes the massive screen. Finding a screen protector can be challenging though, due to the massive range of options on offer. But don’t worry — we’ve compiled a list of the best screen protectors for your Galaxy Note 10 Plus, including budget-friendly options and blue light blocking protectors to help aid your sleep.

InvisibleShield Ultra VisionGuard

The health of your screen may be important, but it doesn’t trump the health of your eyes. Blue light emitted from screens may be responsible for missed hours of sleep and many restless nights — but it doesn’t have to be that way. InvisibleShield’s Ultra VisionGuard film protector helps to cut out the potentially harmful blue light, reducing its effect on you and helping to ease eye strain. While the film isn’t as protective as glass, InvisibleShield’s film still adds protection to your screen and has been developed to feel like glass, so you don’t get the jarring feeling of plastic under your finger. However, it’s certainly an investment.

XClear Anti-Scratch Film — Triple Pack

Sometimes, quantity is what matters, and that’s why XClear’s triple pack of film protectors is worth mentioning. A pack of three film screen protectors, these protectors are thin, clear, and provide good scratch-protection for your device’s screen. In short, there’s little that sets XClear’s offerings apart from other manufacturers — that is, except for the price. These protectors are extremely budget-friendly, and while we usually recommend spending more on a device’s protection, if you often work in dusty or dirty environments, keeping a screen protector clean can be a real chore. It’s much easier to replace a screen protector with another in those sorts of circumstances, and that’s where these protectors excel.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

It’s hard to make a list of flagship phone screen protectors and not include the Whitestone Dome Glass. Whitestone’s screen protector puts a layer of tempered glass between your phone and the outside world, but what makes it special is the way it’s applied. A layer of adhesive is applied between the display and the screen protector, and that adhesive is then cured with the UV lamp. That curing creates a solid layer of adhesive between the display and protector, meaning clarity and responsiveness are boosted significantly along with the added protection. It’s certainly not the cheapest, but it’s one of the best you can buy. It also works perfectly with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

$45 from Whitestone Dome

Spigen Neo Flex HD Film Screen Protectors

Another great film protector, Spigen’s Neo Flex HD does the business while staying almost completely invisible. It’s made from a strong but flexible film that protects well against scratches, fingerprints, and dirt. Sure, it won’t protect as well against drops, but that’s what you have a case for, right? The flexible film adheres to the Note 10 Plus’s curves, and there’s a space for the selfie camera, too. Since it’s so thin, it also doesn’t interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. It’s easy to apply and uses a wet installation method that guarantees a close fit to your Note 10 Plus’s screen. Best of all, it’s a dual pack, so you get a spare.

$30 from Spigen

Armorsuit Matte Screen Protector

This film protector from Armorsuit has been treated with a matte finish that helps to cut out glare from strong light sources, making your Note 10 Plus’s display a lot easier to see outdoors in the sunshine. It’s also protective, offering good scratch protection with self-healing properties — so minor scratches will heal over time. It’s also been treated to resist yellowing over time, so you won’t get that unsightly aged effect that can sometimes happen with film protectors. A good price for a great protector.

$8 from Amazon

Maxvitavela Privacy Screen Protector

With tales of praise almost as long as the company’s name, the Maxvitavela Privacy Screen Protector provides privacy and security when you need it most. Only visible when viewed straight-on, any individuals sitting next to you won’t be able to watch your phone as you access your bank or converse in private emails. Built for the Note 10 Plus, your screen is protected fully edge-to-edge, and the protector features a fingerprint and scratch-proof coating. Best of all, the company throws in a free HD screen protector (non-privacy) for use if you ever decide to allow eyes on your smartphone once more.

DeltaShield Screen Protector

The DeltaShield screen protector pack includes two slim-design screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The company’s lifetime replacement warranty backs both protectors so that you can get them swapped-out in case of failure. Both included protectors feature an anti-bubble wet installation process to minimize any air that might become trapped underneath during installation. The slim design of the protectors also makes them case-friendly, so that you won’t find yourself ripping up the edge. What we love is the self-healing technology that helps to minimize small scratches.

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