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The best Note 10 screen protectors

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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So you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Your phone takes everything fantastic about Samsung’s Note 10 range — the S Pen, an expansive display, and flagship specs to name but a few — and shrinks it down to a slightly smaller package that you’ll find easier to fit into your hand.

Whether you’ve just bought your Note 10 or it’s now your well-worn pocket companion, you’ll still want to keep it protected. We’ve covered the best Note 10 cases, but what about the screen? The 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is a window into your wider world, and you don’t want it to become dirty — or worse, break. A screen protector can help stop that, whether it’s a film protector to protect against dirt and scratches, or a heavy-duty tempered glass protector. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors.

Tozo Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you simply need strong protection, then Tozo’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector has you covered. It’s made from 9H hardness glass that should resist a wide variety of threats, and it has been treated with an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and oily substances. The edges match the Note 10’s curves, and it has been designed to be compatible with many cases. Thanks to the full coverage design, it also covers the selfie camera and keeps it safe from harm, and it’s totally compatible with the in-display fingerprint scanner. The only issue is that Tozo recommends you turn on the Touch Sensitivity option to ensure full touch sensitivity, but that’s not much work to do when it costs just $9.

Skinomi Matteskin Film Screen Protector

The Note 10’s display is bright and vivid, but glare from strong lights can still obscure your view while you’re outdoors. If that’s a common problem for you, consider Skinomi’s Matteskin film protector. It’s been treated with a matte layer that reduces the chance that light will bounce from your display, making it much easier to see in strong daylight. As it’s film, it won’t be as protective as glass, but it will protect well against dirt and minor scratches, and it has oleophobic and self-healing properties too. It even resists the yellowing effect that afflicts many film protectors as they age. Best of all, it’s just $8 for a two-pack.


Magglass Privacy Glass Screen Protector

The Note 10 has so much screen it’s easy to be productive, but what if you’re doing some mobile banking, reading an embarrassing book, or are a member of a super-secret spy agency? A privacy screen protector like this one from Magglass is a great idea. It’s made from hard glass, so it’s resistant to scratches, drops, and bumps, but the headline attraction is the privacy-protecting layer. When viewed from the front, it’s clear and easy to see. But as soon as you move to an angle, the screen fades to black, protecting your privacy. Magglass recommends you turn on the Touch Sensitivity setting to reduce a loss of sensitivity. Still, if your privacy needs protecting, this is a good $15 investment.

Ringke Dual Easy Film Screen Protector

Ringke’s Dual Easy screen protector always deserves a place on our list. Being made from film, it won’t be the most protective option in the world, but it will guard against dirt, dust, and scratches. It’s thin, and doesn’t interfere with your screen’s sensitivity, look, or the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. The “easy” in the name comes from the application method, which uses four layers to ensure that dust is removed during installation, reducing the chance small particles end up between your protector and display. It’s not too expensive, which is nice, and it even comes in a dual pack so you have a replacement.


Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

When you’re looking for total glass protection, there are few names as solid as Whitestone. The Dome Glass screen protector is made from hard tempered glass, so it protects well against a variety of threats and can potentially absorb drop damage to keep your phone’s screen unscathed. It doesn’t have a simple application method though, and it involves putting a layer of liquid adhesive between the protector and your screen. That adhesive is then cured with the UV lamp, which creates a strong bond between screen and protector. Because of that, the fingerprint scanner works perfectly. It cab even help an already-cracked screen, as the adhesive will flow into a crack and stop it from getting worse. However, all that comes at a price — the Dome Glass is expensive.

Whitestone Mobile Fun

Spigen Neo Flex HD Film Screen Protector

It doesn’t have any special tricks, but Spigen’s film screen protector is worthy of mention regardless. It’s made from super-clear and flexible PET film that follows the curves of your device for complete protection. It’ll protect well against dirt and grit, and with its self-healing properties, it’ll heal up minor scratches too. It’s thin, so it doesn’t interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and the wet installation method ensures a tight fit. As it’s Spigen, it’s also compatible with Spigen’s protective cases. While it won’t protect as well as glass, this is a good option at a good price — and it’s a dual pack too.


Eiger 3D Glass Screen Protector

Finally, but by no means least, is Eiger’s 3D glass screen protector. It’s made from strong glass that provides serious protection against scratches, bumps, and drops, but it’s also cut slightly short so it should also be case compatible. The edges have been specially designed to stop dust from getting in, halting that odd “halo” effect often seen in other screen protectors. The edges round into the screen, so there are no abrupt edges. It definitely works with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner because, uniquely, there’s a round cutout for it. It’s useful, because it highlights where the scanner is, but it is a little odd and it looks a little inelegant. Still, it definitely works.

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