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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors

A few years ago, a device with a 6.9-inch display would have been considered a tablet, but times have changed, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is able to rock such a massive screen thanks in large part to the continued drive to do away with phone bezels. So while the S20 Ultra’s 6.9-inch display is still massive and requires two hands to properly use, it’s not crazy to imagine using it as your daily driver.

What a display it is too. Samsung has outdone itself yet again with the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Colors are vibrant and bright, while the dark, inky blacks are deep enough to dive into. It’s a stunning screen — and it’s well worth protecting. A broken screen is something every smartphone owner has to deal with at some point in their life, and it’s never fun. Thankfully, the worst can be avoided with a good screen protector. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors you can buy.

Please note: The S20 Ultra’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner can be affected by some screen protectors, and we’ve highlighted where manufacturers have confirmed their products work with the in-display sensor.

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film Screen Protector

OtterBox Clearly Protected Film Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s a film-based screen protector that provides highly vivid clarity and a great level of sensitivity. Even if it’s made of film rather than glass, it has been designed to be scratch and smudge resistant, so it will guard your S20 Ultra’s screen from the vast majority of everyday damage. Its thinness also means that it will prove compatible with pretty much 100% of cases. An installation kit is provided.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s an American-made film-based screen protector that is as thin as possible while delivering a high level of protection for your S20 Ultra. It has been machine cut to precisely follow the outlines of the phone, while its thinness means that it’s tangibly clearer than glass-based protectors and also more responsive. At the same time, it incorporates self-healing technology, which will remove any minor scratches it picks up over its lifespan. The pack comes with an installation spray, microfiber cloth, and squeegee, as well as installation instructions to make it easier to apply.

Whitestone Dome Glass — Twin Pack

Whitestone Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protector
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s incredibly expensive, but spend some time with the Whitestone Dome Glass protector and you’ll see why it’s so highly-priced. Whitestone’s protector is made from tough tempered glass that bends to match your phone’s curves, ensuring complete protection. But the real magic is found in the installation process. Rather than using a normal adhesive, Whitestone uses a liquid adhesive with a curing process to a tight fit that’s also protective. The cured liquid between the protector and your device means there’s no loss of sensitivity or clarity, and it also means the protector works perfectly with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the S20 Ultra. An extra protector in the package helps to justify the high price.

Ringke Dual Easy Wing

Ringke S20 Ultra screen protector
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Ringke Dual Easy screen protector makes installing a screen protector as easy as counting to four. The company introduces a number-ordered application process that simply requires you to place the protector on your phone, lift the tabs off, and wipe down to your satisfaction. The Dual Easy Wing also introduces flaps on the side that wrap around the curved edges of your S20 Ultra, ensuring a tight fit on the device. Underneath the layers of transparent PET film is a liquid solution that washes off any dust and debris on the screen instead of using the traditional dust stickers. For $14, you get a pack of two screen protectors, and considering the fool-proof installation process, you’ll most likely be saving the second for the future or a friend.

AmFilm Ultra Glass

AmFilm Best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Not all UV light-installed screen protectors leave a dent in your wallet. The AmFilm Ultra Glass screen protector follows a similar installation process as the Whitestone Dome. Included in the package is an application tray, a tube of gel solution, a UV light, and the rest of the essentials like a microfiber cloth. There are small dots strategically placed throughout the screen protector to an even spread of the gel adhesive. The ones located at the bottom center of the glass allow your ultrasonic fingerprint sensor to function underneath. At a lower price, the AmFilm Ultra Glass offers a similar experience to its competitors while adding an extra screen protector in the box.

Spigen Neo Flex — Twin Pack

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Neo Flex Protector
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Glass protectors aren’t for everyone, and if you prefer a slim, sleek fit over the hard protection glass affords, a film protector is a great way to go. Spigen’s Neo Flex is a flexible film that curves to cover your entire display, and you can pair it with Spigen’s cases for full phone protection. The film uses self-healing technology that repairs fingerprints and minor scratches, and it comes in a twin pack, so you have a free replacement. The wet installation method takes some getting used to, but the liquid solution bonds the film securely to your device once it dries. The Neo Flex is a good protector at a great price.

InvisibleShield Ultra VisionGuard+

Invisibleshield best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors

Experts indicate many adverse side effects to the blue light radiating from your Smartphone’s screen, including headaches, sleeplessness, and vision degeneration. Fortunately, you can protect yourself against such perils by buying a screen protector whose function is similar to UV-sensitive sunglasses. This protector comes with the Eyesafe layer, which sifts out blue light without changing your display color. It feels just like your device’s screen and comes with anti-microbial and self-healing coatings to guarantee that it remains clean and clear during use. It’s expensive for a film protector, though, and there are indeed more affordable ways to preserve your eyes. But if you can swing it, this is an invaluable protector.

Tech21 Impact Shield Anti-Scratch

tech21 best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Even if you handle them with care, you can’t always evade those little scratches you get on your screen — but the Tech21 Impact Protector can offer some assistance. It’s a stretchy film strengthened with three scratch-resistant guarding layers. Since it’s flexible, it fits the curves of your phone’s screen. Although it has three layers, it’s still a slim protector with a valuable anti-microbial cover. It’s easy to fit the protector to your device’s screen with the alignment applicator included within the package. All those added features don’t come cheap — if you purchase from Tech21, you can expect to pay around $30. This protector is an excellent option if you don’t like the thickness and heaviness of glass screen protectors, which are more helpful at combating scratches but can be bulky.

IQ Shield Matte Film — Twin Pack

IQ Shield Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protector
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We know you like to read, study, or even video chat outdoors on a gorgeous and sunny fall or spring day. Sadly, you will usually sacrifice savoring a pleasant day to guard your device against dirt or dust particles, not to mention inadequate visibility due to the sun’s blinding beams. This protector will take care of all these barriers so you can use your device anywhere you want. The IQ Shield has a matte layer that will eliminate glare from sunlight or bright lights, so you can view the screen without having to squint. It’s also considerably protective, as it’s a long-lasting, military-grade film intended to adhere to the curved corners of your device. It uses a wet installation process for a tight fit to your device’s display. The IQ Shield Matte Film is a remarkably cost-effective screen protector option, especially when you contemplate buying an additional film in the package if you need a replacement.

$9 from IQ Shield

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