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These phones offer the best trade-in value toward a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

If you can’t wait to get a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, you’re in luck: Samsung is eager to put one in your hands as long as you’re willing to part with your old phone.

Samsung is offering up to $800 credit toward the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which we’ve already gone hands-on with and are currently testing (fair warning, we’re very impressed). They’ll take up to four devices, allowing you to offload your old phones, tablets, and watches to reap the maximum trade-in benefit. They’ll even take cracked devices, albeit for a lower price, so you may be able to mix-and-match your junk drawer for $800 in credit.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 unfolded.
Ajay Kumar/Digital Trends

Last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the only device that will fetch the full $800 credit, but phones released in the past couple of years will get you almost as much. The Galaxy Note 20 5G Ultra is worth $750, and you can get $650 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

T-Mobile is offering up to $1,000 in credit for a long list of devices, but there are more conditions. You’ll need to open a new line on Magenta MAX, Magenta Plus, or T-Mobile One PLUS plan, and the credit is applied toward your bill on a 36-month contract. The trade-in list has several tiers and price points. You’ll want to look at this offer if you have a Samsung Note or Galaxy device released in the past few years, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (released in 2018). Apple iPhone 12 users can’t take advantage of this offer, but T-Mobile is offering $1,000 for many other Apple devices, including the Apple iPhone 8 (released in 2017).

If you have an old device, then Verizon is willing to take it off your hands. All you have to do is open a new Unlimited line. The iPhone 6 (released in 2014) and the Google Pixel 2 (released in 2017) are both worth $400 in trade-in credit toward a Galaxy Z Fold3. Unlike with T-Mobile, you can take advantage of this offer even if you buy the device outright. It will accept a long list of devices, but your trade-in needs to be in good condition, without a cracked screen or battery damage.

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