Bitmoji leaps out of Facebook and smartphones, now a Chrome extension

bitmoji leaps out of facebook and smartphones now available as chrome extension gmail

So you like your Bitmoji, but can’t use it across the Web. That just changed Bitmoji, the animated caricatures you can use in place of a photo on profile pages, custom comics, messaging apps, etc., just released a Chrome extension that lets you insert these avatars just about anywhere.

The Bitmoji Chrome extension works on social media sites beyond Facebook (where it’s become prevalent) like websites and email. The extension is compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and most email programs. You can insert Bitmojis as you type, or drag and drop your character into comments and posts.

One early adopter posted on the Chrome extension reviews that it was “annoying” to drag instead of just clicking. That, however, might be more of a learning curve, which users will get used to. That user’s review, along with others, was mostly positive.

Bitmoji Avatar Builder

Bitmoji has become a popular app for creating avatar emoji, where users can build their Bitmoji character to look just like themselves (or as close to). Many people are surprised at how much Bitmojis look like the actual person they were created to represent, albeit in cartoon form. Users have also created comics to share with friends, or put their Bitmojis in comical illustrations to communicate a point in IM, Facebook comments, or elsewhere. The Chrome extension for Bitmoji means we could be seeing a lot more of those characters doing crazy things in a few more places.