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The Blackberry Motion isn’t the second coming — but it’s not a bad phone

BlackBerry Motion tips
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Blackberry may not be the company it once was, but it’s still pumping out a few phones per year — even if those phones are wildly different from the Blackberry phones of old. The latest in Blackberry’s lineup is the Blackberry Motion — and we’re currently in the process of putting the device to the test.

Our first impressions of the new phone are pretty solid. The device boasts a decently sturdy feel and the motor inside the phone offers a satisfying vibration when you type on the software-based keyboard. There’s also a so-called “convenience key” on the phone, which allows you to activate apps at the touch of a button. We programmed it to activate Google Assistant.

The design of the phone isn’t bad, either. It’s a little blocky, largely to its unrounded corners and somewhat thick bezels, and we would have liked to see Blackberry adopt a more modern design. Still, it feels good in the hand, and the textured backing is a nice addition.

At first glance, the main downside to the phone is the bloatware, and there is a solid amount of it. We have to dive a little deeper into the phone to see if those extra apps are useful at all, or if they are simply there to push Blackberry’s apps and services. Hopefully, it’s the former.

Is this the second coming of Blackberry? No, it’s not. It’s a midrange phone at arguably almost a flagship price. Still, it’s not a bad device.

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