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HTC One now available nationwide on T-Mobile

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Updated on 06/06/2013 at 04:00am by Andy: HTC USA has confirmed via its official Facebook page that the HTC One is now available nationwide through T-Mobile. It states every T-Mobile retail store stocks the HTC One, and is offering a guaranteed $100 minimum for your old smartphone when you trade it in against HTC’s flagship Android device. The offer runs until June 9, so if you want to take advantage of it, you best do so soon.

Original Article:

It’s being rumored T-Mobile is about to provide the HTC One with a wider release, as well as add the new BlackBerry Q10 to its growing range of smartphones. The news comes from the website, where an anonymous source has informed it T-Mobile will take the HTC One nationwide on June 5. At the moment the HTC One can be purchased on the network, but the device is only available in 300 stores, but should it make its way to other branches, this figure could be multiplied several times.

Making the HTC One an easier phone to purchase will be good news for HTC, but that’s only if it can meet demand, as despite reports it has sold five million of the quad-core 1080p phones, issues with supply have plagued it since launch. Currently, if you want an HTC One with T-Mobile, you’ll need to pay $100 up front, then a $20 monthly payment for the next two years.

This price may also be attached to a new entry into T-Mobile’s catalog, as Tmonews’ source says the BlackBerry Q10 is about to be released by the carrier, and it could arrive on June 5 too. The QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry smartphone would join the touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 at T-Mobile, a device which was launched just prior to its end of March event, giving it the full line-up of BlackBerry 10 phones. The Z10 also has a $100 up front cost, but comes with a slightly lower $18 monthly payment required for the following 24 months.

At the moment, T-Mobile hasn’t confirmed the Q10’s arrival, or wider availability of the HTC One. If the June 5 date holds true though, it probably won’t be long until it does.

Article originally published on 05/29/2013.

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