BlackBerry Tour 9630

BlackBerry Tour 9630For multimedia lovers, RIM makes the BlackBerry Storm. For fashionistas, there’s the Bold, and for those with small pockets – literally and figuratively – the Curve 8900 makes a lot of sense. Now, globetrotters have their own BlackBerry: the Tour 9630.

Research in Motion announced its latest device last week, which has been tailored to world travelers with cell radios that work on seven different bands for access anywhere in the world. Whether you’re cruising on Verizon’s CDMA network in Los Angeles, or picking up a GSM signal at a vineyard in France, the Tour can handle it.

In terms of size, the Tour falls somewhere between the beefy Bold and dainty Curve, measuring 4.4 inches tall, 2.4 wide, and 0.6 deep. It’s the kind of phone Goldilocks might find “just right.”

Like the tiny Curve, the Tour gets a high-resolution 480 x 360 pixel screen, as well as a 3.2-megapixel camera, GPS, and Bluetooth. But oddly enough, for a phone advertising its near-universal network compatibility, the Tour has no Wi-Fi support, relying entirely on cell networks for data.

Three networks, including Verizon, Sprint and the Canadian carrier Telus has all announced that they will be carrying the Tour this summer. Both American carriers will offer it for $200 with contract, while it will go for $250 Canadian on Telus. More information can be found at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Tour 9630