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BlackBerry will throw in $100 worth of accessories for free with your Priv purchase

BlackBery Priv
Ted Kritsonis/Digital Trends
First available for AT&T last November, the BlackBerry Priv represents the company’s first foray into the world of Android. It also carries a hefty price tag, but BlackBerry wants to make it a little easier on your wallet with the BlackBerry Priv bundle.

Available for purchase now through February 26, the BlackBerry Priv bundle includes the phone itself, which goes for a wallet-burning $700, as well as a black leather Smart Flip Case and a Sync Pod with a lengthy USB cable. Made with real leather, the Smart Flip Case contains a small window that lets you view notifications and carry out calls with the cover closed. The Smart Flip Case also doesn’t interfere with the NFC radio inside of the Priv, so feel free to use Android Pay with the case on.

The Sync Pod, meanwhile, works as both a charging dock and a dock that lets you transfer data between the Priv and your computer. Plus, because the Priv is tilted at an angle while sitting in the Sync Pod, you can use the smartphone as a $700 alarm. As a last note, the cable is nearly 4 feet long, so the Sync Pod doesn’t have to be near an outlet.

The BlackBerry Priv bundle currently goes for the same price as the phone by itself, and with the Smart Flip Case priced at $60 and the Sync Pod with the cable going for $40, you’ll be saving $100 with the purchase of the bundle.

As for the Priv itself, we gave it a favorable review last November, saying that it’s the first BlackBerry in years that we would want the general public to consider BlackBerry. Also consider that the Priv sold by BlackBerry is unlocked, which means you can take it to AT&T or T-Mobile. Of note with the latter is the Priv’s band 12 support, which means those on a T-Mobile plan who don’t live in cities will see a slight boost in reception.

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