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Bloom’s new trading feature lets parents buy, sell baby gear locally

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Combining the functionality of sites like Craigslist and Quora, parenting app Bloom has launched a new feature that lets new and upcoming parents locally trade goods related to the care of their children. In short, parents can ask questions about specific products and look for other parents in their area who are interested in selling these products. This would allow parents to save money on used merchandise while also connecting with others who have experience with the same items. Bloom recently added Android to the list of supported platforms, broadening its availability.

Normally, a parent would have to research the product online to read reviews on commerce sites such as Amazon as well as various baby blogs. To find a used model of that specific product, they would have to turn to online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. Bloom aims to simplify that process, assuming other parents in the area are using the app and have something to sell. Users can even use Bloom to set up playdates.


Speaking about the new trading feature, Bloom founder Manuj Bahl said, “At Bloom we believe a conversation with your neighbors and friends is a natural way to progress into a transaction. It saves time and you trust their advice more than a search engine giving you feedback from someone far away and years ago.”

Of course, Bloom is also competing with local social networks that have a broader appeal than a niche audience of new parents. Nextdoor, for instance, allows neighbors to connect and post messages about various topics, including advertising products within the classified section. In addition, many communities have opened up a Facebook group to connect multiple neighborhoods in a specific area. Those groups often allow the trading of items as well as recommendations for local services, thus eliminating the need for sites like Angie’s List.

“I found it wonderful that there are a lot of people from everywhere that use this app and they would all do their best to support and help you through what you were experiencing. You never felt alone,” said Stephanie, a Bloom user.

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Updated on 4-23-16 by Bruce Brown: Bloom has now launched on Google Play Store for the Android Platform. 

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