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On a bad date? Escape it with this new app called Bod

bod dating app - change your odds with bod!
We may have increased our dating pools with apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, but there seems to be a direct correlation between the number of available singles and the likelihood of going on a very, very bad date. But now, rather than faking a phone call and trying to figure out if the best excuse for a quick exit is a pet emergency or a roommate disaster, you can check out another app for a Plan B. Meet Bod, which stands for bad online dates. The app promises “a redesigned approach to dating, one that returns control of their bad date night by introducing new matches in real-time, and without all the time sucking of texting and emailing.” Because, of course, the only thing you’ll want to do to escape your current bad date is go on a new date (and just hope for the best).

The geo-location-based app is described as “the mop-up crew for all the other dating sites and apps by giving the dater an OK to leave and find someone that’s potentially a better match.” And while being someone’s Plan B isn’t necessarily the best way to begin a relationship, this is the 21st century, and let’s be honest — anything goes.

“With modern technology’s capabilities, the dating industry has a responsibility to help people make the best use of their time, money, and energy — things that all get wasted while on a bad date,” said Jennifer Kelton, the founder and CEO of Bod. “This app gives control back to every dater.”

When you download the app, you can enable “Date Mode,” making yourself discoverable to other local app users (you can define your radius in the settings of the app). From there, you’ll be able to potentially meet up with others looking for an excuse to leave an unfortunate encounter, though you can also be matched with those just sitting at home.

“Roughly 11 percent of Americans use online dating and apps — that means millions of people get stuck on some potentially very bad dates,” Kelton noted. “The more time people spend on bad dates, the worse they feel about dating and their prospects. The Bod app gives users an opportunity no other site or app can provide: a redesigned approach to dating, one that returns control of their bad date night to users by introducing new matches in real time, and without all the time sucking of texting and emailing.”

So if you’re constantly on the lookout for an escape route on a date, consider downloading Bod for the chance to meet other flighty individuals and an opportunity for romance.

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