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Is this the droid you’re looking for? Browse BotPages’ directory to find your bot

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The bots are taking over! Skype, Facebook, and Kik have all made fairly big announcements lately when it comes to bot compatibility on their platforms. But what if you use more than one of these apps? What if you want to search for a bot based on what it can do rather than which platform it’s available on? That’s where BotPages comes in.

“With the advancements in AI and bot technology, you should be able to automate many parts of support.”

BotPages is an online bot directory that allows you to search for bots that work with a range of different platforms, including Messenger, Kik, SMS, and so on. What makes BotPages special, however, is how comprehensive it is. While Botlist, another directory we recently covered, launched with 400 bots, BotPages includes info on a whopping 5,000 bots at launch.

“Discovery in Messenger (or a similar app) is challenging. It’s not clear if an account is a bot or a company,” Adam Lawrence, the founder of BotPages, explained in an email to Digital Trends. “BotPages give you a unified view to search across platforms. You can discover bots on Kik, Messenger, Slack, and other platforms. With one click you can read a description of the bot, see what other have said about it, and then click to start chatting with it.”

It’s important to note that BotPages doesn’t host bots itself. Instead, it serves as a way to discover new bots on different platforms. If you find a bot you like for Facebook Messenger, clicking to get it will link you to the app.

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BotPages continuously updates its directory. According to Lawrence, the BotPages API allows anyone to submit bots to the site, and a few hundred bots are being added every single week. At 5,000 bots, the company claims that it’s the largest bot discovery platform around.

Bots in general are poised to be a big part of how we interact with the world around us going forward, but they’re still in their infancy. Currently, they’re largely used as a replacement for customer support, but their skills could certainly be expanded to other areas as time goes on.

“Right now support channels are highly fragmented and tend to be viewed condescendingly by both corporations and individuals,” continued Lawrence in his email. “With the advancements in AI and bot technology, you should be able to not only automate many parts of support, but more importantly, provide customer service that is more responsive and adaptive for today’s consumers.”

Head here to check out BotPages for yourself, and start discovering bots.

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