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Boxee to release iPad app that streams video to enabled devices

Boxee Box

Video streaming company Boxee confirmed this week plans to release an iPad app that will allow for streaming to any device that runs Boxee software, reports Pocket-lint. The functionality will include not only televisions hooked up to Boxee’s D-Link box, but also any PC or Mac that has the Boxee software installed.

Pocket-lint originally reported that the Boxee app would use Apple’s AirPlay to facilitate the app’s streaming functionality. But Boxee vice president of marketing Andrew Kippen later told the publication that the software would be “kinda like AirPlay, but not quite.”

Kippen did not say exactly how the Boxee software would resemble, or differ from AirPlay.

News of the Boxee app coincides with a report out yesterday that claims Apple is considering expanding AirPlay to include — you guessed it — video streaming from the iPad and iPhone.

According to anonymous sources who spoke with Bloomberg, the AirPlay software would be liscensed by Apple to third-party electronics makers. Currently, AirPlay is only licensed for audio streaming, not video. The updated AirPlay would enable the streaming of videos, movies and TV shows from Apple iOS devices to enabled televisions.

TVs loaded with AirPlay could arrive as early as this year, sources say.

AirPlay does enabled video streaming to Apple TV systems. But companies would reportedly have to pay Apple $4 for each device that ships with AirPlay onboard.

With Google also trying to break into our living rooms with Google TV, and connected TV sales ballooning, it’s clear that our home entertainment systems are about to be hooked in to the Internet and our other devices more than ever before.

We have not yet heard when Boxee plans to release their upcoming streaming app. But we’ll certainly let you know as soon as they do.

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