Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul has a new messaging app called YB — Guess what it stands for

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Breaking Bad taught us a lot of things — perhaps the most important of which was don’t mess with your chemistry teacher — but it also schooled us in the power of monosyllables. Jesse Pinkman’s variations on the phrase, “Yo, bitch!” echo all around the Internet and there are dozens on montages on YouTube of the actor Aaron Paul tossing out that singular catchphrase. It turns out that so many people want Paul to call them bitch that he decided to create an app that does just that.

YB, short for “yo, bitch,” is a messaging app that lets you text your friends à la Jesse Pinkman. It’s basically a copy of the app Yo, but with Aaron Paul, and that makes all the difference. When you send your friends a message with YB, you’ll hear Paul exclaiming, “Yo, bitch!” in several different tones, including regular, excited, annoyed, and whisper. These basic phrases are free, but if you’re a true fanatic, there are several hilarious phrase packs that you can download for a buck each.

The Greetings Pack includes true gems like, “Bonjour, bitch!” and “Salutations, bitch!” Meanwhile, the Socrates Pack is filled with existential questions like, “Why? bitch!” and the Love pack contains sweet nothings like, “Come over, bitch!”

To get started, all you have to do is download the app and invite your friends via your contacts list, text, email, or Facebook invites. Once you’ve got all your friends onboard, you can yo bitch each other all day long, though Paul warns you not to get in trouble at work with all that profanity. Sadly, it’s only available on iOS for now, but Paul says it’ll hit Android in 2015. In the meantime, iOS users can hit the App Store to check it out.