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Browse Facebook Timelines from your iPad with this StumbleUpon-like app

timeline appWhile we’re still waiting for the official launch of Facebook’s Timeline, the folks over at Loytr who brought you the unofficial iPad app, MyPad for Facebook, have already come up with an ingenious way to access the new profile formats.

The app, called Timelines for Facebook, combines elements of Tumblr and StumbleUpon to browse through the visual-heavy Timelines. You can view your friends’ Timelines either alphabetically or randomly, giving you distinct, visual access to their carefully-curated lives.

Of course, you’re only going to see Timeline from those who have activated the app (which you can do here). The update is a massive change for the profile page, and Facebook is taking incremental, careful steps to ensure that the user backlash is contained as much as possible.

This “stumbling” process has become a popular feature for browser-type social networks, like Tumblr or, which will allow you to click your way through random profiles. It seems like this would naturally lend itself to Timeline, so instead of returning to your Friends list to see these profiles you could basically auto-browse them. It’s also the only way to access Timeline on the iPad, which is fitting for the company that brought Facebook to the iPad to begin with.

Timeline hasn’t hit the iPhone yet either, although there’s already been confirmation that it’s in the works. 

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