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Cadillac to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to certain 2016 models

Cadillac Apple CarPlay
Cadillac is the latest car brand to announce plans to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into new models. Certain 2016 Cadillacs will include the systems beginning this summer, and Cadillac has some other infotainment upgrades planned as well.

CarPlay will be offered on 2016 models equipped with the CUE (Cadillac User Experience) infotainment system and 8-inch touchscreen. That is, except for the SRX, which is in limbo pending the launch of an all-new version in calendar year 2016.

Android Auto will become available on these same models “at a later date,” Cadillac says. The first CarPlay-equipped models should arrive in showrooms over the next couple of months.

In models equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto, a “Projection” icon will appear on the central touchscreen display. Pressing it opens up a menu for different smartphone-related functions, such as navigation, texting, and apps.

Cadillac’s voice-control system can be used with both CarPlay and Android Auto by simply pressing a button on the steering wheel. Some Cadillac models also include wireless phone charging, giving drivers an extra reason to put their phones down.

Aside from the addition of CarPlay and Android Auto, Cadillac says it will also make a few changes to CUE for the 2016 model year.

The system will get a faster processor that the carmaker claims will enable faster startup, voice recognition, navigation searches, and media playing. The navigation component will also get redesigned map screens, and a simplified command structure, including some one-touch controls.

The Escalade, CTS, and XTS also get Surround Vision, which allows for a 360-degree view around the vehicle, as well as a driving-mode screen for the main display.

Cadillac is the second General Motors brand to confirm specific plans for CarPlay and Android Auto. Chevrolet announced last month that it will offer the systems on 14 of its 2016 models. Between the two brands, GM will have the most CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible models of any carmaker.

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