Calendo wants to curate your Facebook Events and filter out the junk

Calendo "Taking Fun Seriously"

If you’re tired of being bombarded by Facebook invites to events you’d never attend, Calendo may be your new best friend, if you’ll let it get to know you.

The idea is simple: Calendo cuts out the clutter from Facebook Events that are boring, outside your interests, happening in a different city (anyone who has ever moved will understand), or whatever else makes them undesirable. Calendo curates your Facebook Events (and eventually events across the web) to deliver the ones you’re most likely to care about to your iOS device. Each event comes with an “Event Score” that tells you how likely you are to be interested in it.

Over time, Calendo automatically adapts to your personal preferences so the more you use it, the better it will be at reading your mind. This taste profile is based on past events you attended, friends’ events, the host, location, and type of event (concert, hockey game, birthday party, etc.).


The app design is very straightforward and doesn’t deviate too far from the tried-and-true iOS formula, which actually works in its favor. The emphasis is placed on events – where it should be – and revolves around a simple interface. Suggested events can either be bookmarked or skipped altogether, with each action contributing to your overall preferences. Once an event is bookmarked, however, that doesn’t mean you’re confirmed to attend. Instead you have a few options: you can leave it marked for later, attend on Facebook, invite friends, export to a calendar, or share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also view the best events happening each day if you’re looking for something to do on a particularly boring Monday.

According to data collected in its 4-month beta phase, Calendo’s techniques are working well to increase user’s willingness to put down the Netflix and venture outside. The average Calendo user attended 13 events per month, up from four events without the app. Nine of those events were recommended by Calendo and four from Facebook.

Calendo was created by Eran Back and Dov Frank. The duo paired up once before with Saar Wilf, who founded “Fraud Sciences” and invested $500,000 in Calendo. “Fraud Sciences” sold to eBay for $170 million so they all definitely know a thing or two about crafting a successful startup. Calendo is free and available now in the App Store (iOS only).