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You can now use Twitter to add things to your #AmazonCart


Amazon has just rolled out #AmazonCart, which lets users add items to their cart by including a hashtag in a tweet. The company, which announced the new feature in a promotional video, is also introducing the capability in the UK with #AmazonBasket. 

“Twitter offers a great environment for our customers to discover product recommendations from artists, experts, brands and friends. #AmazonCart was designed to help customers add products to their cart now without leaving Twitter and come back later to shop and buy on Amazon,” an Amazon spokeswoman told Digital Trends.

To take advantage of the feature, you simply have to connect your accounts on Amazon and Twitter.  After that, you can add items to your cart by replying with #AmazonCart to any tweet with an Amazon product link. 

“…replying with “#AmazonCart” will only save the item to your Cart. You can always review or edit your Cart at a later time. You will also receive a reply tweet from @MyAmazon describing the status of your request (e.g., whether the item was successfully added to your Cart, if it was out of stock, or how you can finish checking out later),” the company said on its website.

While adding items to your Amazon cart on Twitter sounds convenient, be warned that your possible purchase will be posted on your timeline. So if you’re going to buy something shameful like a Creed album, you might want to use the Amazon app instead. 

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