Why so shady, Apple? Canada investigates carrier deals for wrongdoing

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People tend to associate several things with our neighbor to the north, Canada, such as maple syrup, Justin Bieber, and ‘aboots.’ Now you can add ‘sleuth’ to that growing list of associations, as Canada is looking into Apple’s contracts with local carriers in the region, reports Reuters.

According to the report, the Canadian Competition Bureau wants to look into Apple’s contracts with select Canadian carriers in order to see whether there were any clauses thrown in to stifle competition. The Bureau believes Apple flexed its muscle towards carriers to make them maintain or hike up the prices of iPhone competitors, as well as increase the price of their wireless services.

The Federal Court of Canada approved the Bureau’s request to access such documents, giving Apple 90 days to turn them over. Unsurprisingly, Apple has refused to do so, and seems intent on launching a constitutional challenge of the right of Canadian courts to force Apple’s hand. According to Competition Bureau lawyer Derek Leschinsky, however, since the Competition Act gives Canadian courts the ability to ask for documents located in other countries, Apple will eventually have to fork over the contracts.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this court battle between Apple and Canada, so stay tuned.