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CDMA iPhone spotted? Pictures inside

Rumor has it that the iPhone is hitting Verizon in January. While Verizon/iPhone rumors have been circulating for years, the Oct. 28 launch of the iPad on the carrier shows the two parties are talking. And now a blogger named Richy Rich claims he has pictures of the legendary CDMA iPhone.


The pictures are suspiciously low in quality and poorly shot, supposedly originating from a repair shop in Vietnam. They do show the rumored “N92DVT” codename of the device, but we cannot verify their authenticity with any degree of certainty.

A dual GSM-CDMA iPhone too?

Boy Genius reports that a dual CDMA-GSM may also be in the works. If this is true, Apple would only have to manufacture one iPhone instead of two separate models. The unified device would run on any carrier, GSM or CDMA. (CDMA is the type of network Verizon and Sprint run on. AT&T, T-Mobile, and most of the world run on GSM. It takes some work to convert a phone from GSM to CDMA.)

Still, these are rumors. If the iPhone is actually coming to Verizon in January we will hear about it soon enough. If so, a unified CDMA-GSM phone would make sense, but without firm confirmation, or someone in Vietnam with better photography skills, we are left to speculate.

Is this legitimate or a hoax? What do you think? Do you even care or are you burned out on Verizon iPhone rumors?

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