Cell Phone Voted Most Hated Invention

MIT has released it’s annual Invention Index study and concluded that cell phones are the most hated invention:

From the MIT report:

With its score of 30 percent, the cell phone narrowly beat the alarm clock (25 percent) and television (23 percent) for the distinction in the survey, which gauges Americans’ attitudes toward invention. Razors, microwaves, coffee pots, computers and vacuum cleaners were also cited as essential yet despised inventions.

While the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index found a vast majority of Americans (95 percent) believe inventions have improved the quality of life in the United States, their strong feelings toward cell phones illustrate both the benefits and unintended consequences of innovation.

“Cell phones have clearly been beneficial in terms of increasing worker productivity and connecting people with family and friends,” said Merton Flemings, director of the Lemelson-MIT Program, a nonprofit organization that celebrates inventors and inventions. “However, the Invention Index results show that the benefits of an invention sometimes come with a societal cost.”

Visit MIT’s Website for the full report.