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Belkin just made a huge bet on sustainability at CES 2023

CES 2023 is usually a place to celebrate new tech, but Belkin is bucking that trend by embracing old tech. Well, sort of. The accessory manufacturer will begin 2023 by revamping a large range of its existing products by massively reducing the amount of “virgin” (new) plastics used in their construction to lessen its impact on the environment, and further push itself toward its carbon neutrality goal.

Belkin is aiming to use between 73% and 75% less virgin plastic, plus plastic-free packaging, in its revamped range of accessories. Together, the manufacturer hopes this will save up to 7,000 metric tons of carbon emissions, and will also reduce the equivalent of CO2 emissions for those particular products by 67%. By using post-consumer recycled plastic (aka PCR plastic), Belkin has the opportunity to make the use of such plastics more of a closed system, where plastic is continually reused for as long as it can be, reducing the amount of new plastic that needs to be created and consumed.

Belkin chargers side-by-side comparison.
Belkin charger with virgin plastic (left) next to a charger with PCR plastic Belkin

“When we think about the difference a company of our size and influence can make on the planet, moving away from using virgin plastics in our products is an obvious decision,” said Steve Malony, CEO of Belkin. “I am proud to work alongside the teams that made this shared vision a reality. Their dedication to doing the right thing inspires me, and together, we will continue to work toward a more sustainable future.”

Belkin has gone to lengths to ensure the newly redesigned products will have the same look, feel, and high quality as they did before, to the point where you’ll probably have to check the product packaging to know whether PCR plastic is used in your new charger or not. The following accessories will be using the new PCR plastic, and the new designs will roll out through 2023. The best part? Belkin isn’t raising the price on any of its products receiving this eco-friendly redesign.

  • BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 10W
  • BoostCharge USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Wall Charger 25W
  • BoostCharge Dual USB-C PD Wall Charger 40W
  • BoostCharge PRO 4-Port GaN Charger 108W
  • BoostCharge PRO Dual USB-C GaN Wall Charger with PPS 45W
  • BoostCharge PRO Dual USB-C GaN Wall Charger with PPS 65W

It’s fair to expect Belkin to expand its range of PCR plastic accessories, so don’t expect these to be the last of Belkin’s products to have sustainability at their core. Some of our favorite chargers have come from Belkin, including the Belkin Boost Charge Pro, and we fully expect to see more of them adopt PCR plastic.

This move comes as part of Belkin’s larger drive to increase its sustainability and become carbon neutral by 2025. That carbon neutrality is specifically aimed at scope one and scope two emissions — the emissions created by the manufacturing of its products and the energy used to create them. Scope three emissions — those caused by the product after they leave Belkin’s factories — are reduced by the decision to use PCR plastic and plastic-free packaging.

Belkin's sustainability infographic.

Belkin’s announcement isn’t the only hot news coming out of CES 2023. Make sure to keep an eye on our CES 2023 hub to keep up-to-date with the latest from the huge tech expo.

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