Chinese manufacturer may have stuffed a 5000mAh battery inside a smartphone

5000mah phoneIt’s sales 101: To make your new smartphone standout, it has to do something different from the competition. For example, HTC has its Ultrapixel camera and Samsung has dozens of special software features. In the case of Ding Xuan Communications (stay with me), it’s stuffing a 5000mAh battery inside its latest smartphone.

Don’t worry if you’ve not heard of Ding Xuan Communications, as the manufacturer hasn’t gone the way of Huawei and ZTE, preferring to only sell its products in China. Its going to get some attention if it really does release a phone with a battery that size though, as it’s at least twice the capacity we see in most major new smartphones, and more even than Motorola’s long-life Maxx series of Android devices.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 3100mAh cell, and the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD has a 3300mAh battery, we’re more used to seeing batteries with a capacity like this inside tablets. Asus recently fitted a 5000mAh cell inside the tablet section of the PadFone 2. Here, it’s capable of recharging the phone’s 2140mAh battery two-and-a-bit times, thus in theory providing it with more than 700 hours of standby.

Aside from the monster battery, little else is known about the phone, apart from a single other spec: It’s likely to have a 4.5-inch IPS touchscreen. Not even its name is confirmed, as Chinese site calls in the Rebar (the least cool name for a phone we’ve heard in a while), however (go on, have a guess what they write about) calls it the Liba.

The picture you see above is all we have to go on for the design too, but it certainly doesn’t look all that thick – unless it has a massive bulge just below where the photo cuts off – considering the battery said to be inside. So, will it happen? Or is it all a, slightly early, April Fools joke? We’ll find out when, and if, the Rebar/Liba makes an official appearance.