Cingular Expands IM, Email Options

Cingular Wireless said today they’d released two applications which will allow users of more general cell phones to access email and instant messaging. Called Mobile Email and Mobile IM, these twoapplications can be downloaded to compatible phones through Cingular’s online store.   Mobile Email, said Cingular, allows users to viewand interact with their AOL, AIM Mail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and SBC Yahoo Mail email accounts. The email client follows an initial two step login process and provides a GUI. It currently workswith Cingular’s V180, V220, V400, V551 and RAZR V3 phones.   Mobile IM, meanwhile, gives Cingular’s customers access to AOL’s AIM,Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. The downloadable client provides a tabbed interface with one click switching between each IM service. It is currently available for a wide range of Nokia (6230,6620), Motorola (V180, V220, V400, V551, RAZR V3) and Sony Ericsson (Z500 and S710a) handsets.   Cingular added that there are no additional monthly fees required to use these new services,though data charges per kilobyte for Mobile Email or per message per Mobile IM apply.   “Email and Instant Messaging are the ‘killer apps’ of the Internet,” said Jim Ryan, vice president of consumer data services, Cingular Wireless. “Now, with the new Mobile Email and Mobile IM applicationsfrom Cingular, we are enabling over 10 million of our existing customers with the ability to get to their existing email and IM services through a set of easy-to-use clients — anytime, anywhere,from their existing phones. These are truly mass market solutions.”