Cirrus Logic powers Good G100 communicator

The Good G100 handheld is a continuously synchronized messaging device that is always up-to-date and was purpose-built for accessing data and composing/reading large amounts of e-mail.

In addition to controlling system functionality for the Good G100 handheld, Cirrus’ EP7312-90 maintains the connection between the handheld and its onboard GoodLinkâ„¢ wireless corporate messaging software. GoodLink uses data compression, encryption and two-way wireless synchronization technologies to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook to a wireless handheld. GoodLink connects users securely to their company e-mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks and attachments in Microsoft Office and many other formats — right from a wireless handheld when they are mobile.

“Cirrus Logic’s technology enabled Good to develop a powerful, compact and sophisticated wireless messaging device,” said Paul Lima, vice president of Hardware Engineering for Good Technology, Inc. “We found Cirrus’ EP7312-90 to be an extremely flexible embedded processor platform that’s compatible with a wide variety of peripherals and interfaces.”

“Our experience in developing high-performance processors for the world’s most successful and demanding consumer electronics manufacturers has resulted in a portfolio of powerful, inexpensive and integrated chips that our customers find are perfect for applications such as the personal information manager market,” said Terry Leeder, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing for Cirrus Logic.

The EP7312-90 is one of the fastest ARM-720T embedded processors on the market, enabling advanced user interfaces and operating systems in battery-powered devices. Its superior speed and low-power architecture allow customers to differentiate their product offerings while improving overall system performance and maintaining long battery life.