Clik is fine-tuning the platform and getting ready to announce new partners

demoWe were recently introduced to an app called Clik. The QR-code based service from the creators of Kik grabbed our attention for its practicality and its simplicity: it takes content from your phone and puts it on another, Internet-connected device’s screen.

This sort of mobile remote technology sounds basic but hasn’t been that easily accesible, and it’s never required such little setup. It was a simple problem and Clik wants to offer the simple solution. But as these things go, something like Clik is only useful if we can use it to do something. At the moment, you can only use it to grab YouTube videos on your phone and push them to another browser-connected screen. That and a Clik-produced game that took only four days to build being demoed at the company’s SXSW booth (just like my first Clik experience, I grabbed the QR code and it all worked instantly).

Luckily, it sounds like users’ hopes and dreams of integrating this app with other platforms are coming true. “We’ve been working on this for three and a half years,” CEO Ted Livingstone told me at the Clik space this morning. “We’re focusing on maturing the platform, so when it officially launches in May it’s fully formed for users and developers.” He mentioned that the initial YouTube integration Clik debuted took about a week to get up and running — now the team is building off that  base. 

Livingstone wouldn’t give up any specifics about partners Clik will announce in a couple of months (my wishlist includes Spotify,, and This Is My Jam), but he sounds incredibly confident in what the team will show off in May — partially thanks to our growing reliance and constant access to our smartphones. The potential customer base is nearly limitless.

“[People] aren’t tied to any computer, or any one TV screen,” he says. “You’re tied to your phone.”