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Got a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Cluise can help

cluise wardrobe app

If looking in your closet these days gives you heart palpitations, we’ve got an intervention planned for you. Don’t worry, no one’s coming to cut up your credit cards or trying to get you to Kondo all your stuff (though that’s probably a good idea too). Rather, there’s a new, free, smart wardrobe organizer and digital stylist app available on both iOS and Android. Meet Cluise, your AI-powered personal shopping assistant that’s helping you put your closet’s best foot forward. 


The app already helps its users pick outfits on a daily basis, but now Cluise is taking things to the next level, assisting its mobile-friendly audience make smart shopping decisions. And considering that the average American family spends around $1,700 on clothes and throws away 65 pounds of unwanted garments, accessories, and shoes every year, smart is definitely something we could use.

Brands and boutiques can sign up to sell clothes directly via the app, and based on a user’s wardrobe and pre-set style preferences, Cluise makes smart shopping suggestions to complete their closet with the matching pieces. It promises to encourage users “explore brands that match their personal style.” 

Hoping to save you both time and money, Cluise could help you buy only what you really need — looking for the perfect piece to complement that skirt you’ve been dying to wear all winter? Cluise and its tech-savvy approach has you covered. The app analyzes your wardrobe contents, your daily looks, and your like history to determine your preferences and offers you pieces that will work best for you.

Then, you can use Cluise’s try-on feature to virtually pair an item of interest with something you already own to see if it looks as good in (virtual) reality as it does in your mind. And once you’ve found the perfect sweater, dress, or pair of shorts, you can sell the pieces that don’t have a place in your wardrobe anymore — all in the Cluise marketplace. “Anyone can sell their clothes through Cluise, and we offer commission-free trial for early bird sellers,” says Liudmyla Nebozhak, the company’s founder.

“With the recent update, Cluise app serves both fashion brands seeking the most effective way of reaching their target audience, and users who want to shop consciously and avoid impulse purchases” she continued. So if you’re constantly looking at a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear, maybe Cluise can help. 

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