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This little power bank uses Bluetooth to make sure you don’t lose it

Power banks aren’t exactly a new idea, with companies like Samsung and Xiaomi having now joined the portable battery party. However, Latvia-based firm Draugiem Group hopes to differentiate itself from the pack by helping to make sure you don’t misplace its battery pack.

Dubbed the CoalBit, this compact power bank includes a 560mAh battery, enough to give your phone up to three extra hours of talk time, two hours of Internet browsing, and 10 hours of music. In addition, the CoalBit includes a flashlight in the event that you don’t have another one nearby.

Even though these are rather typical features offered by many of today’s power banks, where the CoalBit steps out from the pack is through the inclusion of Bluetooth. By connecting the CoalBit to your phone, you can not only keep track of where it is, but you can also keep track of both your phone and whatever you have your CoalBit attached to.

Because the CoalBit is so tiny, it’s not that hard to misplace it, which is why it comes with a carabiner clip. However, as some of us are prone to do, we can also lose the things we attach that clip to. As such, you can enable a distance alert that will buzz your phone in the event that you get a little too far away from the CoalBit. If you didn’t enable this, however, Draugiem Group built an app, available for both iOS and Android, that will inform you of the CoalBit’s last known location.

If all of this has piqued your interest, you can currently back the CoalBit through Kickstarter. Currently, there are two versions of the CoalBit being offered: the regular CoalBit and a Lite version, which removes Bluetooth. In addition, the CoalBit comes with either an integrated Micro USB or Lightning cable, so you don’t have to lug one around and risk misplacing it. The CoalBit Lite goes for at least $15, while the regular CoalBit goes for at least $39. Regardless of which CoalBit you want, you will be able to order it in white, black, blue, yellow, or red.

Currently, the CoalBit campaign has drawn in $12,943, with the goal set at $84,000, and with 27 days to go. If everything goes according to plan, Draugiem Group should start shipping the power bank out to backers beginning this October.

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