College Humor counts the ways iPhone 6 could be better

Even die-hard Apple fans will admit to having a few gripes about the iPhone. Tech journalists may complain about the iPhone 6 Plus’ bigger size and worry about app compatibility on the bigger screens, but average everyday users have a different sent of problems with the two new iPhone 6 models.

College Humor posted a satirical video called, “If the iPhone 6 were actually better,” in which “Jonny Ive” explains all the features normal people wish were included on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

“Ive” reminisces about the debut of the lightning port and says Apple changed the port because “We’re assholes who love money.” To appease users, Apple added the old iPhone charger port to the new phone, right along side the lightning port.  In addition, now the battery percentage display actually gives an accurate number, instead of dying without warning when it reaches 11 percent.

In the video, Apple also replaces Apple Maps with Google Maps, mocks Siri, and makes the iPhone 6 out of the same durable, protective material of cases to protect your phone from getting damaged every time you drop it.

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