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You’re going to really want the new Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge

iron man edition galaxy s6 edge auctions for more than 91000 in china
Robert Downey Jr. may have appeared in HTC commercials, but Iron Man is making a major Samsung appearance in the form of special edition Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. First spotted in a quickly deleted tweet, Samsung has now officially announced an Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge. However, anyone outside Korea, China, and Hong Kong may struggle to get one.

Updated on 05-26-2015 by Andy Boxall: Added in news of the Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge’s official release

Same phone, extra goodies

The Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge has the same specification as the standard S6 Edge, but comes with 64GB of internal storage memory, a bonus seeing as it doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot. The body comes in a stunning read and gold color scheme, just like the eponymous superhero.

It’s all packaged inside a special presentation box, inside of which you’ll find a transparent hardshell case to keep the phone looking its best, plus what must surely take the award for coolest accessory yet this year — a wireless charger that’s made to look like Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.

Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition - Official Unboxing

Do you want one? If you’re an Iron Man, Marvel, or superhero fan, then it’s surely a real temptation. However, Samsung’s not going to make it easy for you, unless you live in Korea, China, or Hong Kong. The phone will be released in the former on May 27, and then in the latter two in June. There’s no indication the Iron Man limited edition S6 Edge will be released anywhere else in the future.

That means, if you’re desperate to own one, you’ll either need a willing friend in any of the above places, or you’ll be trawling eBay for the coming weeks in order to secure one. Samsung hasn’t posted any information on compatible network bands, so be aware there’s a chance it may not be compatible with your network even if you do manage to pick one up.

Samsung warned of limited availability

The now deleted tweet from Samsung’s verified @SamsungTMRW account warned us the phone may get a very limited release. It read, “Coming Soon (*Detailed availability in markets may differ by region).” alongside a picture of a red and gold box featuring Iron Man’s mask, the words “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” in the bottom left, and The Avengers: Age of Ultron emblazoned in the bottom right.

Samsung Iron Man S6 Edge tweet

The Korea Times reported Samsung would launch Iron Man versions of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but so far only the S6 Edge has been revealed. “The color of the new Iron Man phones will be red,” said Young-hee Lee, head of marketing for Samsung’s mobile division. “We will decide on other details soon after discussions with Marvel Studio. It will be released either at the end of May or early June.”

The article notes that Samsung and Marvel Entertainment forged a global partnership last June. Samsung products, including the Galaxy S6 Edge, are featured in the latest Avengers film. Last month, a Samsung executive told The Korea Times that the company expects to sell more than 70 million units of its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagship phones by the end of 2015.

We’ll keep you up to date with any further developments on the Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge launch, and hope if an Iron Man S6 does turn up, it’ll get a wider release.

Article first published on 05-16-2015

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